1QBit to Open Sherbrooke Office in Partnership with Université de Sherbrooke

Company expands to third quantum computing research hub in Canada.

1QBit, a world leader in quantum computing software and hardware optimization, today announced that the company will be expanding its Canadian footprint by opening a new office in Sherbrooke with a focus on recruiting Master’s and Ph.D. researchers. With the new location located near the Institut quantique of Université de Sherbrooke, 1QBit will have a presence in every major Canadian quantum computing research hub including Greater Vancouver, Waterloo, and Sherbrooke.

“Our continued growth in the last seven years has come largely due to our effectiveness in investing in the development of Canada’s top quantum researchers,” said Andrew Fursman, CEO of 1QBit. “Many of our senior employees are former Ph.D. interns, and the new office demonstrates our passion for establishing Canada as a global leader in quantum computing.”

Since its founding in 2012, the company has partnered with Mitacs, a not-for-profit organization that fosters growth and innovation in Canada, and other academic institutions to hire dozens of Ph.D. quantum researchers with over 50% of interns progressing to full-time employment. 1QBit is immediately seeking quantum computing researchers for the new office, to apply for a position visit 1qbit.com/careers/current-openings.

“This is tremendous news for the evolution of the Sherbrooke quantum eco-system, we couldn’t think of a better partner to be the first quantum computing company to establish a presence in the region,” said Vincent Aimez, Vice President, Partnerships and Knowledge Transfer, Université de Sherbrooke. “1QBit has the vision for how to deliver real value with quantum computing and they have built a strong reputation for championing the development of Master’s and Ph.D. interns in a very rewarding research environment.”

In addition to opening a new office in Sherbrooke, 1QBit will also benefit from relationships in the broader Quebec technology community.

“Our commitment to IQ researchers and students, as well as to the broader Sherbrooke quantum eco-system is to accelerate the identification of viable opportunities to solve some of the world’s most complex problems with quantum computing,” said Alexandre Blais of Institut Quantique. “1QBit’s global leadership in this area will have a substantial impact across many quantum computing research disciplines in Sherbrooke.”

1QBit benefited from the local expertise of Sherbrooke Innopole to select and design the office in Espace TI, a building entirely dedicated to IT companies in Sherbrooke.


About 1QBit 
1QBit is a world leader in quantum computing software and quantum computing hardware optimization. The company is trusted by Fortune 500 companies and top research institutions internationally as an industry leader in quantum optimization, simulation, and machine learning. 1QBit is headquartered in Vancouver and employs expert mathematicians, computer scientists, physicists, chemists, software developers, and other quantum computing specialists who develop novel solutions to computational problems along the full stack of quantum computing, from hardware innovations to commercial application development.

About Université de Sherbrooke 
The Université de Sherbrooke lies at the center of one of Quebec’s three major research hubs. Recognized for its sense of innovation, the university is a key partner of senior and regional governments in promoting social, cultural, and economic development. Moreover, the university stands out because of the significant growth in its research activities in recent years, its technology-transfer successes, and its entrepreneurial and open-innovation initiatives in collaboration with industry and social communities.

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“Many of our senior employees are former Ph.D. interns, and the new office demonstrates our passion for establishing Canada as a global leader in quantum computing.”