2020 Hurricane Season Forecast: Expect “Above-Normal” Conditions for Fifth Year in a Row

During Hurricane Preparedness Week 2020 (May 3-9) homeowners are reminded to safely prepare their homes and families for the upcoming 2020 Hurricane Season. Scepter SmartControl fuel containers are a smart way to keep fuel handy for unexpected storms.

Hurricanes Arthur, Bertha and Cristobal may soon be taking on powerhouse COVID-19. Along with adhering to every day precautions against the coronavirus, during Hurricane Preparedness Week 2020 (May 3-9) homeowners are reminded to safely prepare their homes and families for the upcoming 2020 Hurricane Season.

Two famous hurricane forecaster systems, AccuWeatherand Colorado State University’s Department of Atmospheric Science, both predict the 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season will see strong weather patterns with above-normal conditions.

AccuWeather predicts 14 to 18 named tropical storms this hurricane season, of which, seven to nine will turn into hurricanes. Two to four of the hurricanes are predicted to be classified as major. Colorado State University’sforecast mimics these predictions, calling for 16 named storms turning into eight hurricanes, four of which will be classified as major. If the predictions come true, this will be the fifth consecutive hurricane season with above-average activity in the Atlantic basin.

Get Essentials Now 
In preparation for the 2020 Hurricane Season, which extends from June 1 to November 30, homeowners are encouraged to order supplies earlier than usual.

“Continued shelter-in-place restrictions in many areas associated with COVID-19 means it may be challenging for people to stock up on hurricane season necessities,” says Daniel Marshall, vice president of marketing and business development with Scepter™. “Now is the time, before the storm season kicks off, to review your family’s safety plans and to stock up on essentials.”

Fueling Up 
As homeowners review their checklist of needed pre-hurricane supplies, Marshall reminds people to consider their fuel needs. “Having a fresh supply of gasoline, diesel and kerosene fuel available to power everything from generators to chain saws is critical during hurricane season,” says Marshall. “With the ‘above-normal’ forecast, people should make sure their fuel supplies are topped off, and that their fuel containers are in good working shape.”

Marshall recommends homeowners acquire both Scepter™ SmartControl™ fuel containers for fuel readiness and the 14-gallon wheeled Scepter™ Duramax for high-capacity fuel needs.


“If people are restricted and cannot get to the store, they can order these containers online from major retailers like Walmart®, The Home Depot® and Lowe’s®,” says Marshall. “No one should wait to get these items until a storm is forecast for their area. By then they run the chance of depleted inventory.”

Available in one-, two- and five-gallon sizes, the SmartControl line includes high-density polyethylene containers for gasoline, diesel and kerosene. The innovative spout design makes it easy to fuel equipment without losing a single drop.

The clean, fast, hassle-free pour of the SmartControl container helps save fuel for where it’s needed by eliminating messy spills. The user-controlled flow valve with its flame mitigation device (FMD) makes it effortless and safe to direct the amount of fuel being dispensed. Homeowners can store SmartControl containers with the spouts on, so hands always stay clean. Videos showcasing proper filling and safe use of Scepter fuel containers are available on the company’s website.

To handle larger fuel needs, the rugged Duramax has a patented pump handle with a spill-proof shut-off. The unit has a flow rate of two gallons of fuel per minute when in the siphon mode. Sturdy six-inch wheels help easily transport the container to marine dock areas, farms and work locations.

As an added bonus, Duramax has a bolt-on hanger for convenient hose storage. The ergonomically-designed, heavy-duty top handle on the container features extra deep handholds for transport. And, molded-in feet keep the container off the floor for increased ventilation and stability.

Smart Advice: Store Water 
To help people prepare for a storm, Scepter also offers a five-gallon BPA-free water container that is available in stores and online. Filling these with water prior to a storm assures homeowners of clean, fresh water for their own use, plus for their pets.

“Having several five-gallon water containers filled in advance of bad weather is a smart move,” says Marshall. “Durable, reusable Scepter water containers are a reliable way to have large quantities of water available for home use.

“In advance of severe weather, whether it’s a hurricane or a blizzard, it’s always smart to have both fuel and water containers filled up at a home and business. This comes in handy when it’s difficult to navigate roadways and services are down.”

Constructed in North America of durable and safe high-density polyethylene, Scepter fuel and water containers can be found online and throughout the U.S. in The Home Depot®, Walmart®, Lowe’s®, AutoZone®, Pep Boys, Target and Northern® Tool + Equipment stores. Visit http://www.scepter.com for more information.