Advance Relocation Systems’ Bid To Become Johns Hopkins’ Mover Of Choice

Over the past 80 years, Advance Relocation Systems has earned the title of the corporate mover of the U.S. as well as one of Maryland’s most trusted Atlas agents. Now they are on a mission to make a big impact by becoming the moving company of choice for Johns Hopkins – Baltimore’s largest employer.

Advance Relocation Systems has been fulfilling the moving needs for individuals, families, and corporations in the Maryland, Baltimore area and beyond for the past 80 years and for 71 years before that as Frank Mann Storage & Van Lines. Over the lifetime of their company, they have made it our mission to work with reputable companies and organizations that share our values. Recently, they completed a number of moves for several Johns Hopkins divisions and they are hoping to continue working with them to become their official moving company of choice.

Johns Hopkins is no strange name to anyone in Maryland or the wider U.S. They are known as the largest employer in Baltimore city and the 5th largest employer in the state of Maryland. They have several independent divisions which include the University, Hospital, Medical School and Research Center. Johns Hopkins recruits some of the best in the medical industry from across the world and these people often need to be moved to Baltimore, and that’s where Advance Relocation Systems has been making their move.

Since January, Advance Relocation Systems has been recruited to move employees for the various divisions and they also performed some lab and corporate relocations. Because Johns Hopkins is a decentralized organization, and all of its divisions are run independently and secure their own financing, Advance Relocation Systems’ work with them has been on a case by case basis. They have been an approved vendor for Johns Hopkins for about 10 years now but now they are trying to secure a more permanent position with them.

Their vision for the future is to become Johns Hopkins go-to mover. As it is now, Advance Relocation Systems is in the process of putting together a program that they can offer to all of Johns Hopkins inclusive of special discounts, a guaranteed pick up day, free transit protection and some of the value-added services that a corporate client would receive should they have a large number of different moves to be performed. They have been reaching out to as many people as they can at the different divisions to try to bid for their different moves in the hopes of becoming their trusted mover. Advance Relocation Systems is capable of moving anything under the sun. They not only provide household goods moving, but they provide office and corporate relocations, lab moves, medical facility moves, specialized transportation for items such as medical equipment, research data, museum exhibits and much more. They are hoping to bring this expertise to the Johns Hopkins group and help make relocations easier for them.

At Advance Relocation Systems, their goal is to be recognized as the best mover in Maryland and as one of the best movers in the U.S. Working with organizations like Johns Hopkins is a big part of showing the country what their family-owned and operated business is capable of. At the same time, they still want to assure their clients that they can take care of their household goods and smaller moves with the same precision and detail to attention that they bring to a large move. It means a lot to them to be able to work with Johns Hopkins because they are a world-renowned organization and they give back so much to the community, a value that Advance Relocation Systems holds dear and embody. Their company is a proud Atlas agent. Your satisfaction is important to them so you can rest assured they will handle your move with the utmost care and consideration whether you plan to make a locallong-distance, or international move.

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“We’re pretty proud to be able to work with those individuals, to be able to service them and be a part of bringing the new talent to Baltimore… bringing these professors and research people from somewhere else in the country here to work with Johns Hopkins.” – M. Green, Moving Specialist