ADVANCED ENDOSCOPY DEVICES (AED) introduces the ENDOPRO Elite, the first cordless hand held high definition visualization system

For the first time clinicians can cut the cord and use a high definition camera system that is unencumbered with wires and cables.

The ENDOPRO Elite is the world’s first cordless hand held camera system designed for multispecialty point of care/office use. Clinicians can now enhance their practices and provide their patients with state of the art visualization technology with minimal capital expenditure. The ENDOPRO Elite provides clinicians with instant 1080p HD imaging with video and still picture documentation. Used with both rigid and flexible scopes, the ergonomic, one-handed design enables clinicians to focus on their patients and not on operating the camera. The ENDOPRO Elite is powered by a long lasting, rechargeable lithium ion battery pack that powers the camera all day. The ENDOPRO Elite can also drive a secondary monitor that can be used as an auxiliary display for surgical procedures or for real time patient observation. Unlike other portable camera systems on the market, the ENDOPRO Elite is reusable and environmentally friendly with no disposable components that need to be put into landfills.

Gynecologists can enhance their practices by offering immediate diagnostic hysteroscopic examinations with either rigid or flexible scopes. Urologists can perform cystoscopic examinations and Otolaryngologists can perform nasal and laryngeal examinations instantly. The ENDOPRO Eliteeasily fits into patient workflow as it is easy to set up and can easily be transported from room to room, office to office. The days of relocating patients to a dedicated video exam room or rescheduling them to another office location in order to do a visual diagnostic procedure are a thing of the past with the introduction of the ENDOPRO Elite.

The ENDOPRO Elite isn’t just for clinical use either. Hospital biomedical engineers and sterile processing technicians can use the ENDOPRO Elite to check the visual acuity of scopes and integrity of lumens both pre and post processing. Veterinarians can also benefit from the use of the ENDOPRO Elite as it is a completely self-contained system that can be used in all fields of veterinary endoscopy. The versatility of the ENDOPRO Elite also reaches beyond the medical field into the industrial setting as it can be used with a boroscope for mechanical inspection purposes and much more.

With its economical acquisition price, you can purchase multiple camera systems for the same price as a single traditional camera system and you can replace your traditional camera system with a new ENDOPRO Elite system for less than the cost a single camera repair. AED has a complete range of both rigid and flexible scopes as well as sheaths and instruments to compliment the use of the ENDOPRO Elite.Visit them online at Endoscopy Superstore® ( to learn more about the ENDOPRO Elite and see all of the scopes and accessories that are available.

About AED 
At the forefront of minimally invasive surgery since 1985, as one of the largest OEM sources for manufacturing and repairs, your surgeons have probably used one of our instruments at one time or another. Our experience has enabled us to refine and develop the highest quality endoscopes and instruments for laparoscopy, arthroscopy, urology, gynecology, and ENT. We provide hospitals and surgery centers with the same high quality instruments and scopes that they are used to using but at significant cost savings. Find us on TwitterLinkedInFacebookYouTubeInstagram, and our blog for our latest news and development.



The ENDOPRO Elite isn’t just for clinical use either…the versatility of the ENDOPRO Elite reaches beyond the medical field into veterinary, industrial setting, etc., and much more