Advances in Lithium-Ion Battery Technology Discussed with Host Laurence Fishburne on “Behind The Scenes”

The program looks into innovation in the sector and the sustainable environmental impacts of the advancing technology.

Laurence Fishburne is best known for his versatile skillset as a performer. Most are familiar with his portrayals in Hollywood hits such as “Boyz n the Hood,” and “Passengers.” The American actor also lends his talents to the educational show “Behind The Scenes”. The show interviews industry professionals about a broad spectrum of issues affecting people from all over the country. A new episode coming to the segment will discuss technology advances in lithium-ion batteries.

The battery plays a crucial role in powering many modern devices. A large number of the tools utilized in today’s world that make day-to-day tasks more comfortable and more efficient rely on the battery for energy. Cell phones, cars, smart homes, and wearable tech are all dependent on batteries. While batteries are a more efficient resource than fossil fuel, there still lies the problem with batteries not lasting very long. Even though operating systems are becoming more energy-saving, a day or two goes by, and a cellphone needs to charge again.

Researchers are seeking out ways to innovate the lithium-ion battery. Some developers are looking to alternative resources to improve the battery, such as sand. The natural resource leads to a three times longer-lasting lithium-ion battery. Advances in modern batteries can lead to a more productive and sustainable lifestyle for many people. “Behind The Scenes” will cover these advances in the battery on an episode coming to the program.

“Behind The Scenes” is a carefully assessed informational program before broadcast to a public viewing audience. The show is receiver of a multitude of awards for its efforts in television.

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Researchers are seeking out ways to innovate the lithium-ion battery.