AI Product Institute Launches Artificial Intelligence Course To Prepare Product Managers In The AI Era

How is AI affecting the product management profession?

AI Product Institute announces the launch of the popular Artificial Intelligence Product Management courses to help product managers all around the world for creating intelligent products that add unprecedented value to human life. From turning on the lights to hailing a cab, today, Artificial Intelligence adaptation is exponentially increasing in every product or service, making life more comfortable. However, creating these intelligent products require far more than software code and machine learning algorithms. AI-based products and services are fundamentally different from their non-AI counterparts in that they employ a “search” approach rather than a “programming” approach. This difference constitutes a paradigm shift in product management and team structures. That’s why Adnan Boz, founder of AI Product Institute, Lead AI Product Manager at eBay and instructor at Stanford Continuing Studies, created the AI Solution Product Management live and e-learning courses.

“Today, companies without AI leadership and experience take a technology-first approach in their AI product development efforts. However, this is a recipe for failure; successful high tech companies like Yahoo, eBay, Google, and Amazon create new market opportunities based on solid corporate strategies and not based on a piece of code,” said Adnan. “The new breed of product managers need new capabilities such as discovering AI opportunities, defining AI strategies, making AI as a service trade-off, and collaborating with AI teams, AI IT, and partners.”

The AI Solution Product Management courses contain AI product best practices, frameworks, techniques, and methodologies necessary to create impactful AI-driven products and services, and successfully lead AI teams, practices, and partnerships.

About AI Product Institute

AI Product Institute’s purpose is to empower product managers to advance their careers in the artificial intelligence (AI) era and equip them with the knowledge to change the world for the better. The AI Product Institute courses are crafted by AI product management experts from Silicon Valley to open up the world’s best technical expertise to all product managers. The courses are tailored towards teaching AI business strategy, AI team leadership, and AI lifecycle know-how.