Ai Vacuum’s HeatedShield Insulating Tops Ensure Short Path Temperature Uniformity

With short path distillation, temperature uniformity is of the utmost importance. To turn out perfect distillate, you’ll need one of Ai Vacuum’s new HeatedShield insulating covers. These tops ensure temperature uniformity in your boiling flask through insulation and precise heating.

Short path distillation is a process used to refine newly extracted cannabis oil after the processes of winterization and simple distillation have taken place. Using a short path removes many types of impurities, making a clean, golden cannabinoid oil known as distillate.  Distillate is prized for its high concentration, making it easy to dose. It’s used in several popular products, such as vape pen cartridges, edibles, topicals, capsules, and more. Fractioned CBD and its corresponding products can be found nationwide and in markets abroad, while THC distillate and its products are popular in adult-use markets.

One of the most common, precise, and cost-effective ways of creating distillate is to invest in a short path kit. Besides the know-how to operate such a system, the proper accessories are necessary for turning out a perfect product. One of the most crucial elements is temperature uniformity. Knowing this, Ai Vacuum, an industry leader in post-harvesting equipment, just released a series of insulating accessories. The most prominent of these is their HeatedShield boiling flask covers.

These insulating tops ensure temperature uniformity, allowing the processor to turn out perfect distillate after each use. They can sustain a maximum temperature of 400°C, while their fiberglass insulation is rated for 800°C. An Ai quick controller offers precise control over these ultra-thick insulators. HeatedShields also prevent vapor condensation from forming on the upper half of the flask.

Ai HeatShield insulation tops are available for two, five, 10, and 20-liter flasks. They’re easy to install and remove, thanks to hook and loop fasteners. Each can accommodate a one, two, or a three-neck flask. For even more control over your process, Ai Vacuum offers insulation sleeves for short path distillation heads. These are the Ai DrainShield and HeadShield. Each can accommodate a five-liter head and preserves temperature uniformity. This allows your distillation head to operate at peak performance. The HeadShield insulating sleeve even comes with a built-in viewing window, so you can monitor the action taking place.

Ai Vacuum specializes in botanical refinement equipment. This is a subsidiary of Across International, an industry leader in the manufacturing of heat treatment, material processing, and laboratory equipment. Their mission is to empower those advancing science by offering high-quality equipment, along with outstanding customer support.    

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You can get a 2-liter, 5-liter, 10-liter, or 20-liter HeatedShield.

Here are our HeatedShields. There is a 2-liter, 5-liter, 10-liter, and 20-liter model.

These insulating tops ensure temperature uniformity, allowing the processor to turn out perfect distillate after each use.