Almēda Labs Launches Scientifically Backed Plant-Based Wellness and Nutrition Products at Showfields

Diets rich in plant-based foods are proven to improve overall health and prevent over 60% of chronic disease related deaths

Americans are on a quest for better health with many looking to plant-based nutritional options for help. A recent study by NPD Group* found that 43 million consumers regularly choose plant-based alternatives to animal proteins. Antioxidant rich, a plant-based lifestyle is proven to reduce inflammation, promotes healthy skin and hair, cognitive function, healthy bones, and decreases the negative effects of stress.

Enter Almēda Labs, an innovative nutraceutical company launching its first pop-up retail experience at Showfields, a retail incubator in New York. Almēda is revolutionizing the functional nutrition industry, offering four plant-based, non-GMO nutritional products formulated and backed by science.

“We’re driven by a responsibility to provide high quality nutritional support with complete ingredients and sourcing transparency,” said Stacy Tucker, co-founder and CEO of Almēda. “With a whole-body approach, we feel that our customers can learn to take charge of their physical and mental health with consciously formulated, products that support their unique nutritional needs.” An entrepreneur, consumer advocate and RN specializing in trauma care, Tucker is passionate about helping people find their healthiest whole self. “Above all we have a responsibility to humanity to produce products that make true health and nourishment a reality.”

Almēda’s products are healthy for everybody; taken together they provide full spectrum support with balanced nutrients that supports nutritional absorption helping to reduce inflammation, maximize cellular repair, promote collagen development and regulate pancreatic and liver function.

The supercharged KASVI is a balanced superfood blend charged with adaptogens and organic plant-based proteins. Derived from sustainable organic ingredients, KASVI is available in original and cacao. The easy-to-mix formula of all-organic, soy-free, gluten-free, vegan ingredients helps decrease brain fog, support better gut health, blood sugar balance and antioxidant absorption. Ingredients include hemp heart protein, organic bitter melon and adaptogens such as organic ashwagandha, chaga, reishi, lion’s mane, and eight strains of probiotics.

Encarna is Almēda’s liquid multivitamin plus so much more formulated to answer your daily nutritional needs. The combination of essential minerals and vitamins work synergistically to support methylation, enhance nutritional absorption, immune support, detoxification, cellular repair, mitochondrial energy production, and helps to maintain the body’s pH balance.

Formulated to support diabetics, Isle is a proprietary patent-pending blend of amino acids that work together to support pancreatic health. In scientifically validated third party testing, Isle was found to facilitate the metabolism of insulin producing Islet cells and helped increase overall cell vitality.


Thrine is a botanical supplement derived from a potent combination of antioxidant rich free-radical scavenging, herbs, energy boosting phytonutrients and essential minerals designed to provide liver support.

“Our goal is to empower our customers to take control of their health by providing affordable and effective nutrition supplements, and our research and development process makes us a unique choice,” said Kylie Burfeind, VP, Almeda Labs. “Almeda was founded on the platform of providing radical loving care, supporting people’s lives and health with a model to treat the whole person through loving nutrition. Offering this through our retail space at Showfields is the first step.”

Almēda’s pop-up will be at Showfields through June, 2020.

About Almēda Labs 
Almēda Labs launched in 2017 with a mission to provide high-quality nutritional support to help people become healthy and stay healthy. Produced in GMP-certified facilities, Almēda’s synergistic nutraceutical supplements were formulated with a team of nutrition scientists, dietitians, nurses and doctors to provide actionable lifestyle solutions for preventable chronic health conditions such as diabetes and obesity, address the crisis of hidden hunger, first world malnutrition and mental health nutrition. Almēda believes that by integrating the right nutritional support, bodies acquire the building blocks they need to heal and improve well-being through natural processes. Almēda is headquartered in Kansas City and has manufacturing facilities in California, Colorado and Utah.

Visit or @almedalabs for more information.

*NPD study findings

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We’re driven by a responsibility to provide high quality nutritional support with complete ingredient and sourcing transparency