AltMed Florida’s Director of Research and Development Wins Coveted Cannabis Chemistry Award

Dr. Jackie Salm will be honored at the 2020 National Meeting of the American Chemical Society for her groundbreaking research on the unique chemistry of the cannabis plant

AltMed Florida’s Director of Research and Development Dr. Jackie Salm has been announced as a 2020 ElSohly Award winner.

The ElSohly Awards, presented by the Cannabis Chemistry Subdivision of the American Chemical Society (ACS) were created to honor researchers at the forefront of cannabis science. The awards are named after cannabis research pioneer Dr. Mahmoud ElSohly, who has been running the only DEA-sanctioned cannabis farm at the University of Mississippi since 1980.

Dr. Salm will give a talk about her research at the National Meeting of the ACS in Philadelphia next spring. Her presentation at the Award Symposium is titled “Unique Terpene Metabolites as Descriptors of Cannabis Phenotypes.”

“Our hope with this research is to truly understand the complex chemistry of the Cannabis plant,” Dr. Salm said. “As many researchers in medicine know, the smallest changes in chemistry can dramatically affect how a patient’s body will react. There are so many claims in the industry that have never been proven or even researched, so we’re hoping to shed light on what’s really happening biochemically to create better, more reliable relief.”

This is Dr. Salm’s second ACS award. In 2016, she was awarded as the most read author for all of the ACS, with AltMed Florida’s Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Chris Witowski as the second author, on their publication about a potential antibiotic called darwinolide.

“For this 2020 ElSohly award, our research topic is on metabolomics, so the full chemical profile of the cannabis plant,” Dr. Salm said. “We’ve used this technique to differentiate strains and even shown how different extraction methods change terpene profiles of products. Our hope is to show that the chemical complexity of the cannabis plant requires medicine to make a big change in personalization for patients.”

The National ACS conference runs from March 22-26 in Philadelphia, and the ElSohly awards are presented at that time.


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Dr. Jackie Salm, PhD

There are so many claims in the industry that have never been proven or even researched, so we’re hoping to shed light on what’s really happening biochemically to create better, more reliable relief.