ASM Expands Additive Manufacturing Laboratory Capabilities

Parker Hannifin supports ASM International in launching two new additive manufacturing laboratories.

On August 12, 2019, Parker Hannifin and ASM International officially dedicated two new laboratories located at ASM’s headquarters in Materials Park, Ohio. The Powder Characterization Lab and the Computed Tomography Lab were established due in large part to the partnership that Parker Hannifin formed with ASM, allowing key equipment to be acquired for use in the evaluation of additive manufactured metal parts.

The Powder Characterization Lab focuses on the size, flow, and shape characteristics of metal powders. The laboratory utilizes a Freeman Powder Rheometer FT4, Horiba Partica LA-960, and a Retsch Technology Camsizer X2, in a total clean room environment. The Computed Tomography Lab focuses on non-destructive analysis of metallic parts by way of a Nikon XT H 225 ST CT scanner and an Olympus LEXT OLS5000 laser confocal microscope.

A ceremony was held at ASM International to celebrate the launch of the new capabilities and thank Parker Hannifin for their support in making these new facilities a reality. The ceremony was headlined by Craig Maxwell, Parker Hannifin’s Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, and Bill Mahoney, ASM International’s Chief Executive Officer.

Parker Hannifin is the founding client member of ASM’s Materials Solutions Network™ and engaged with ASM on work related to additive manufacturing. The capabilities of the new labs will help drive innovation and increase knowledge in the additive manufacturing field, as well as provide an excellent educational resource to the approximately 1000 students ASM educates on an annual basis.

“Our partnership with Parker Hannifin continues as a classic example of a win-win collaboration,” said ASM’s Bill Mahoney. “Parker’s support has enabled ASM to deploy a new business model, new facilities, and new courseware. ASM has assisted Parker’s strategic initiatives regarding additive manufacturing. The collaboration has advanced both partners further to the leading edge in our respective marketplaces.”

“On behalf of Parker Hannifin, we are excited to partner with ASM to advance the state of the art of materials and processes related to advanced manufacturing methods,” states Parker Hannifin’s Craig Maxwell. “Specifically, we believe that additive manufacturing technology has the potential to be a game changer on many fronts and having a world-class partner like ASM so close to us here in Northeast Ohio is a significant advantage.”

For more information on ASM’s Material Solutions Network™ or ASM’s hands-on laboratory based education courses, contact Nigel Benn at [email protected].


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“Parker’s support has enabled ASM to deploy a new business model, new facilities, and new courseware,” said ASM CEO Bill Mahoney. “The collaboration has advanced both partners further to the leading edge in our respective marketplaces.”