ASM International Publishes Digital-First Articles from Additive Manufacturing Processes

Select handbook articles have been published digital-first in the ASM Digital Library in advance of the full volume release.

ASM International publishes digital-first articles from Additive Manufacturing Processes. Select handbook articles from ASM Handbook, Volume 24: Additive Manufacturing Processes have been digitally published in ASM Handbooks Online™ in the ASM Digital Library, in advance of the full volume release. The full volume, edited by David L. Bourell, William Frazier, Howard Kuhn, and Mohsen Seifi, is scheduled to be released digitally and in print in June 2020.

The following articles are now available in ASM Handbooks Online™: 

ASM Handbook, Volume 24: Additive Manufacturing Processes was developed to address the current and rapidly expanding importance of additive manufacturing (AM). This Volume will provide the latest knowledge in materials, processes, and applications of AM, written by the leading experts in research and industry.

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ASM Handbook, Volume 24: Additive Manufacturing Processes