ASM International Publishes Handbook on The Properties and Selection of Aluminum Alloys

ASM Handbook, Volume 2B: Properties and Selection of Aluminum Alloys provides in-depth coverage on the properties, performance, structural design, specifications, and development of aluminum alloys.

ASM International publishes ASM Handbook, Volume 2B: Properties and Selection of Aluminum Alloys. In June 2019, select articles from the handbook were published digital-first to ASM Handbooks Online™ within the ASM Digital Library. The ASM Digital Library provides discoverable, convenient, and interactive access to articles, books, databases. Over time other materials information resources will be integrated into this new platform.

As the development of new aluminum continues, Volume 2B serves as a resource for information on the trends and direction of alloy development and applications. It includes an extensive review on the history and development of wrought alloys and updated content on new high-integrity die casting alloys for structural and light-weighting applications. In addition, Volume 2B includes new and expanded datasheets for over 120 specific grades or variations of commercial aluminum alloys. Datasheets detail the product forms, applications, specification designations, fabrication characteristics, heat treatment, and typical and specification properties of alloys.

This comprehensive reference describes the effects of alloy metallurgy, processing, and structure for mechanical properties in design, fatigue and fracture resistance, corrosion and stress-corrosion cracking, and friction and wear. The handbook volume editors, Kevin Anderson, FASM, John Weritz, and J. Gilbert Kaufman, FASM, led the effort to organize Volume 2B as the companion volume of ASM Handbook, Volume 2A: Aluminum Science and Technology, released in 2018. They also serve as volume editors of Volume 2A.

ASM Handbook, Volume 2B: Properties and Selection of Aluminum Alloys ($345.00, $259.00 ASM Members, hardcover ISBN: 978-1-62708-208-2) is available at or by calling the ASM International Service Center at 800.336.5152. Access to the digital version of Volume 2B (EISBN: 978-1-62708-210-5) is available by visiting ASM Handbooks Online™ in the ASM Digital Library.

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ASM Handbook, Volume 2B: Properties and Selection of Aluminum Alloys