Assessing 18th Congress of the Philippines

BHW Party-list | Member for the Minority – Health, Economic Affairs, and 12 other Committees
Author, Barangay Health and Wellness Reform Act (House Bill 3985)
One of House authors, Crushing COVID-19 Act (House Bill 6865)
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State of the Nation Address 2020



Critics would point out how few the laws are which the 18th Congress was able to produce. I ask the people to look at the quality of these laws.

Republic Act 11466 made possible the salary increases of government personnel. I am worried though now about the wages in the private sector because there is now a disparity, a growing gap between salaries in government and the private sector, with the latter getting left behind. This problem is particularly acute in the education sector where teachers in private schools have been transferring to public schools soon after they pass the licensure examination for teachers.

RA 11470 establishing the National Academy of Sports is landmark legislation partly because it has been decades in the making. The sports community has been clamoring for this special school for our athletes ever since the science schools have proven effective to develop gifted students.

The budget bills are crucial of course because, not only do they keep our government running so public services can be delivered, these budget measures strive to close the gap between those who have and those who have not.


Obviously the Bayanihan Act is important. With RA 11469, Congress authorized the Executive Branch to take necessary measures to cope with the impact of COVID-19. But implementation of some aspects has been so slow especially the release of the social amelioration funds.

Lastly, RA 11480, the newest of the 18th Congress laws, gave the President the standby power to move the start of the school year to a later date. It is good the President has this option in case the COVID-19 pandemic worsens for our country in the months ahead. (END)