Atlantic Ultraviolet’s MIGHTY PURE® MP36C 12 GPM and MP49C 20 GPM UV Water Purifiers have been Granted NSF Certification

Atlantic Ultraviolet’s MIGHTY PURE® MP36C 12 GPM and MP49C 20 GPM Comply with NSF/ANSI Standard 55—Ultraviolet Microbiological Water Treatment Systems

Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation (AUV) announces receipt of NSF International certification for two of its ultraviolet water purifiers for compliance with NSF/ANSI Standard 55—Ultraviolet Microbiological Water Treatment Systems. With this certification, NSF verifies AUV’s claims that the MIGHTY PURE® MP36C, capable of handling 12 gallons per minute (GPM), and the MIGHTY PURE® MP49C, capable of handling 20 GPM, provides bactericidal treatment of water. The scope of the certification also includes material safety and integrity testing. View AUV’s certification listing at

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Ann Wysocki, COO of Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation states that AUV engineers understand that compliance with NSF’s strict standards provides consumers with value. Wysocki says, “NSF certification gives our consumers — and the public — assurance that the MIGHTY PURE® MP36C and the MIGHTY PURE® MP49C purify their drinking water the way AUV states they do. This certification assures the public that both NSF Disinfection Performance Class B MIGHTY PURE® models have met strict standards. Consumers can trust that correctly installed and maintained models perform as stated.”

In 1944 NSF International formed with the mission to protect and improve global human health. They continue to set the standard for consumer products that affect public health and safety. NSF International is an independent organization accredited by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the Standards Council of Canada (SCC), the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the International Accreditation Service (IAS). Products granted NSF Certification must pass rigorous initial testing as well as undergo regular re-testing and unannounced on-site inspections. Material safety and structural integrity must pass testing as well.

In compliance with the certification standards, product manuals for the MIGHTY PURE® MP36C and MP49C state: “This Class B system or component conforms to NSF/ANSI 55 for the supplemental bactericidal treatment disinfected public drinking water or other drinking water that has been tested and deemed acceptable for human consumption by the state or local health agency having jurisdiction. The system is only designed to reduce normally occurring non-pathogenic nuisance microorganisms. Class B systems are not intended for the treatment of contaminated water.”

Engineered and manufactured in the USA of type 316 stainless steel and the highest quality materials, all of the MIGHTY PURE® models come with five standard features and numerous optional accessories that provide safe, rapid, and economical water treatment for a variety of applications. 
Standard features include:

1. Sight Port Plug – provides visible glow of lamp’s function through a safe-viewing translucent plug 
2. Fused Quartz Sleeve – protective and insulating UV lamp housing 
3. Drain Plug – enables emptying of water chamber without moving the unit for routine quartz sleeve cleaning 
4. Easy Off™ End Cap – cap opens by hand without tools for quick and easy lamp replacement 
5. Surelite™ Ballasts – electric and instant start provides high lamp output while using less energy


NSF Certified MIGHTY PURE® MP36C and MP49C models include an additional standard flow control valve that limits water flow through the ultraviolet water purifier to the rated capacity.

MIGHTY PURE® applications include homes, apartments, swimming pools and spas, water wells, cisterns, catchments, aquariums and ponds, hospitals and healthcare centers, food and beverage processing plants, ships, electronics, pharmaceutical facilities, cosmetic manufacturing facilities, restaurants, campgrounds, and recreational vehicles. For more details about the features and uses of the MIGHTY PURE®, visit

About Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation (AUV) 
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In 1963, Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation began engineering and manufacturing ultraviolet water purification equipment, ultraviolet air sanitization and surface disinfection systems, and germicidal UV lamps for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. They continue to engineer and manufacture their products in the USA.

Germicidal ultraviolet lamps used in Atlantic Ultraviolet’s products produce short-wave radiation that is lethal to bacteria, virus, and other microorganisms. Well established as a method of choice, ultraviolet technology is effective, economical, safe, quick, and easy to use due to its by-product free process. The method is unique without the use of heat or chemicals. For more information about Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation, or how UV disinfection works, visit the official company website at or call 1-631-273-0500.

NSF International Certification Granted to MightyPure UV Water Purifiers.

NSF International Certification Granted to MightyPure UV Water Purifiers.

NSF certification gives our customers – and the public – assurance..