BakerSCI Makes Big Waves With New CEO Announcement, Robert P. Wright Brings Global Leadership Experience to Emerging NW Georgia Technology Company

Retired U.S. Navy Rear Adm. Robert P. Wright takes the helm of Northwest Georgia technology company and now it is full speed ahead for Baker Street Scientific. New national security and space exploration opportunities abound.

Baker Street Scientific (BakerSCI) is making waves in the national security and space communities with the announcement of their new CEO, Robert P. “Bob” Wright. BakerSCI’s corporate directors elected and installed Admiral Wright as the company’s new CEO and newest board member effective July 1, 2019.

Wright, a retired Navy Rear Admiral, who has an extensive background across a broad information spectrum which includes data analysis and intelligence capture, has been in the business of knowledge transfer, data engagement, and information facilitation in a career that has seen both military and commercial successes.

During his naval career, Wright served as a Naval Aviator and Information Dominance (now “Information Warfare”) Warfighter. With his prowess for forward thinking and direct delivery style, Wright was a key founding member of the Information Dominance Warfare Concept which pioneered “weaponizing” information. He served as Director of the Space & Network Warfare Program as well as Program Manager for the Maritime Operations Center (MOC) Project which developed and implemented an interdependent global MOC network. In his final service assignments, Wright served in Fleet Deputy Commander positions at U.S. Second Fleet and U.S. Fleet Forces Command.

Upon military retirement, Wright went on to serve as CEO for several innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) companies where his efforts were focused on cyber strategy, energy exploration, FinTech, as well as Enterprise-level AI applications. He currently serves the Greater Atlanta business community in leadership and board positions with the Native American Venture Fund and the Technology Association of Georgia’s Data Science & Analytics section. Furthermore, Wright actively volunteers both his time and expertise to high-profile national organizations such as Business Executives for National Security (BENS) and the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD).

In his new role as CFO, Dr. Tim Naddy, BakerSCI’s Founder and Board Chairman, was pleased to welcome Admiral Wright as the company’s new CEO. “This is critical step in BakerSCI’s emerging domestic and international growth strategies. Bob is an accomplished leader with vast experience in Intelligent Decisioning and Data Science who has built a solid career on analyzing the impacts that data has on our daily lives. We are honored to have such a decorated, dynamic leader at the helm of our company who is highly respected for his command of all things data and intelligence. This is a great day for BakerSCI.”

Board member and Space Foundation CEO, Retired Rear Adm. Tom Zelibor stated, “I have known Bob for over thirty years. At this stage of our growth, Bob’s superior vision, ability to drive strategic planning, and strong technical acumen will position BakerSCI as a dominant force in the Big Data and AI markets. We could not be more excited for his commitment to make BakerSCI a success and his drive to increase shareholder value.”

“Smooth seas don’t necessarily make exceptional sailors,” commented Bob Wright of the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead. “You need courage to adapt to the unfamiliar when you lose sight of land. BakerSCI thrives at nexus of technology and intelligence and by leveraging creativity of thinking and innovation of doing we will expertly navigate those waters.”


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