Bauhaus X and Arno Gasquet announce NANO X

Bauhaus X and MFA Foundry release a new Nano-metal for space exploration.

Bauhaus X and MFA foundry have completed their initial dispersion trial on a new Nano-metal known as Nanominum or Nano X (Tm.)

The new metal and its alloys will essentially be used for aerospace, transportation and telecom.

Bauhaus X is poised to use their patented Nano X as the main body in their new hyper jet and electric cars but it could also play a major factor in their advanced HIVE A.I homes designed for space colonization as well as electronics.

‘The Nano X is a new industrial revolution in itself. Metal is a very important if not the most important component in space exploration,future of transportation and telecom. 
Having the ability to reduce aluminum’s weight by a very significant amount without compromising its strength is an unbelievable achievement. 
The efforts of our scientific team combined with the brilliant industrial knowledge of Mr. Landon Ryan is a step forward for Humanity.” says Arno Gasquet; Bauhaus X Chairman.

Bauhaus X is recognized as one of the world leading advanced design bureau.

Bauhaus X / Arno Gasquet

it is a huge step forward for Humanity says Arno Gasquet.