Berkeley Fit® Releases Next Generation Nitric Oxide and Uric Acid Test Strip Readers Powered By Artificial Intelligence

The Nitric Oxide and Uric Acid Test Strip Readers from Berkeley Fit® are patent-pending smartphone apps available for iOS and Android that use machine learning technology to more accurately measure supported test strips.

To monitor and improve dietary compliance of heart healthy diets, consumers are increasingly using saliva test strips to measure biomarkers which are influenced by dietary lifestyle choices. Commercially available today are strips that measure a biomarker for nitric oxide, a natural cardioprotective factor, and uric acid, a cardiometabolic risk factor.

In the past, testing for these important biomarkers depended upon expensive laboratory colorimeters, denying useful dietary feedback tools to everyday consumers. However, by combining the increasingly sophisticated smartphone camera with machine learning technology, Berkeley Fit® is now able to more accurately measure test strips across a wide range of conditions.

The Berkeley Fit® Connected Nutrition platform provides test strip reader apps for iOS and Android which enable consumers to record their latest test strip reading, measure its color against a known reference scale, and saving the results for later analysis. This enables consumers to understand the impact of their dietary lifestyle choices in terms of known health biomarkers. Users may also record their consumption of Berkeley Fit’s catalog of clinically supported heart-healthy foods. The Berkeley Fit® reader also supports popular wireless devices, such as the Withings® blood pressure monitor, through its integration with Apple Healthkit®.

About Nitric Oxide Testing 
Next generation patent-pending Nitric Oxide Test Strips from MyFitStrip™ test for the presence of dietary inorganic nitrate found in plant-based foods and diets, such as the Mediterranean and DASH Diet, as well as test for the presence of nitrate-converting probiotics. Clinical studies have shown that both dietary nitrates and nitrate-reducing friendly bacteria on the tongue are necessary to reduce blood pressure in hypertensive subjects.

The Berkeley Fit Nitric Oxide Test Strip Reader is currently compatible with second generation nitric oxide test strips from MyFitStrip™ as well as first generation nitric oxide test strips.

About Uric Acid Testing 
The Saliva Uric Acid Test Strip by Berkeley Fit® is designed to help consumers avoid foods that elevate uric acid levels, such as purine-rich foods, alcohol, and excessive consumption of HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) sodas and snacks, which are known to contribute to weight gain and long-term cardiovascular health complications.

The Berkeley Fit Uric Acid Test Strip Reader is currently compatible with uric acid test strips from Berkeley Fit®.


About Berkeley Fit® and MyFitStrip™ 
As a next generation Connected Nutrition platform, Berkeley Fit® is committed to shifting society’s current practice of managing chronic disease to preventing disease by providing a family of affordable, do-it-yourself testing solutions that enable consumers to monitor levels of natural metabolites and ‘health biomarkers’ that are known to impact health and wellness.

Berkeley Fit® also provides testing and compliance solutions for company wellness and self-insured employer’s programs to achieve healthy blood pressure levels through plant-based dietary compliance. Learn more at

MyFitStrip™ believes wellness is personal. Each individual will absorb and convert natural foods for health outcomes uniquely. By providing easy-to-use, affordable, non-invasive test strips into one’s daily routine, MyFitStrip™ users can make informed real-time dietary adjustments. Learn more about the next generation patent-pending saliva nitric oxide test strip at

For more information about the Berkeley Fit® Connected Nutrition platform and MyFitStrip™ testing solutions, please visit or contact us at info(at)berkeleyfit(dot)com and info(at)myfitstrip(dot)com.