Bodkin Design to demonstrate the ground-breaking ULTRIS™ 20 Hyperspectral Light Field Camera at the Fall Meeting of the AGU

Bodkin Design will be exhibiting the Cubert ULTRIS™ Snapshot Hyperspectral Imager, at booth 235 during the 2019 AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco, December 9-13.

We invite you to join us at AGU Booth 235 to witness the performance of this ground-breaking innovation in Hyperspectral Imaging. Producing an unprecedented 400x400x100 snapshot data-cubes at 6Hz. And see our complete family of hyperspectral imagers from Cubert, Silios, Corning and of course Bodkin Design.

Cubert’s new ULTRIS™ camera was developed based on Light Field technology. The camera features an Ultra-HD CMOS 20 MP sensor, lenslet array and continuously variable bandpass filter. The camera provides an image resolution of 400×400 spatial pixels with 100 spectral channels, covering a continuous wavelength range from 450nm to 850nm.

During image acquisition, the object is recorded with a multitude of images, each with its own linear variable bandpass filter with a different center wavelength. The unparalleled number of 160,000 spectra are acquired simultaneously with this unique optical processor. The 12-bit image sensor makes it possible to detect minute intensity differences in the spectral content while keeping the noise level exceptionally low, and the dual GigE camera interface guarantees a data-cube rate of 6 Hz.

About Bodkin Design & Engineering 
“The Imaging System Experts”™

Bodkin Design and Engineering, LLC has been providing hyperspectral imaging equipment since introducing the patented HyperPixel™ Array imager in 2003. A recognized leader in spectral imaging technology, BD&E stands ready to help its customers solve their toughest sensing problems. Under exclusive agreement, BD&E is the US distributor for spectral imagers from Cubert GmbH, SILIOS Technologies and Corning.

Headquartered in Newton, Massachusetts, the company serves the international OEM, industrial, military, and research communities with innovative, state-of-the-art sensor solutions.

From off-the-shelf sensors to custom solutions, BD&E is eager to work with customers to solve their most difficult sensing problems. For more information, please contact Bodkin Design & Engineering at [email protected].

The Cubert Ultris™ 20 produces the largest snapshot data-cube available

The Cubert Ultris™ 20 produces the largest snapshot data-cube available

The new Cubert ULTRIS™ 20 Hyperspectral Snapshot Camera captures an unprecedented 400×400 spatial pixels by 100 spectral channels