Bodkin Spectral Imagining presents Silios Technologies CMS4 series 4Mpx Multispectral cameras for Biometrics

These Pixelated Filter Array cameras come in three wavebands, for Color analysis, Vegetation and Security.

Researchers at Sony recently demonstrated biometric identification from the spectral signature of the skin*. Using Silios CMS-C multispectral imagers, researchers identified people by the image of a small patch on their hands. This new approach can replace identification based on retinal imaging, face recognition, fingerprints and vasculature.

The new CMS4 series of cameras offer 4 times more pixels, the largest array available!

View your images using COLOR SHADES® LAB. This data processing package is included with every multispectral CMS camera purchased from Bodkin Spectral Imaging.

The CMS-C cameras are designed for color analysis based on their 8 unique spectral filters. The CMS-V has a different set of spectral filters designed for vegetation analysis to aid in precision agriculture. The CMS-S filters are designed for security to aid in defeating camouflage and identifying concealed targets in the field.


  • PRECISION FARMING- Aerial field mapping
  • MEDICAL- Surgery, dermatology, endoscopy
  • COSMETICS- Dermal analysis for skincare & make-up
  • SPACE- Earth observation from CubeSats & satellites
  • DEFENSE- Defeating camouflage

Why Choose Snapshot Spectral Imaging?

  • Capture spectral and spatial information in real time in a single video frame
  • Uncover features by combining imaging with spectral analysis
  • Ideal for fast-moving or rapidly changing targets and handheld or vehicle mounted
  • Robust, no moving parts
  • Available in multiple wave bands from visible to long-wave infrared

Multispectral imaging at Bodkin Design 
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A recognized leader in spectral imaging technology, Bodkin Design and Engineering, LLC produces infrared snapshot hyperspectral imagers, multislit scanning spectral imagers, infrared imagers and polarimetric imagers. And under exclusive agreement, BD&E is the US distributor for visible band spectral imagers from SiliosTechnologies and hyperspectral imagers from CubertGmbH. Headquartered in Newton, Massachusetts, the company serves the international OEM, commercial, military, and research communities. BD&E is eager to work with partners to develop further uses for these technologies. For more information, please contact Bodkin Design & Engineering at [email protected]

*The IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2019, pp. 12349-12358

Silios cameras ID the spectral signature of the skin.

Silios cameras ID the spectral signature of the skin.

The CMS-C cameras are designed for color analysis based on their 8 unique spectral filters.