Breakthrough Genomics & EpigeneticsRx Partner to Further Functional Genomic Analysis and Innovations for the Medical Industry

Goldman Sachs has projected genomics to become a $5 trillion market globally, but most genetic data is not yet easily applicable to patient care. At the same time, consumers are increasingly trying to better understand how genetics affects their health.

“Patients and Providers need an easy, affordable way to understand their genetic data, monitor their health outcomes and obtain vetted personalized products. Our partnership with Breakthrough Genomics will assure all users have access to actionable genomic data designed to be used within a medical setting,” states Deb Hubers, CEO of EpigeneticsRx.

EpigeneticsRx’s platform is built on functional genomics, directed by licensed healthcare providers. The partnership capitalizes on EpigeneticsRx’s base of 25,000+ patients and 2,500+ healthcare professionals (HCP), as well as both companies’ years of experience in clinical and functional genomics.

“When working with medical providers, the need for reliable data interpretation that can be brought to scale is critical in making sure the diagnosis is accurate, timely, and based on up-to-date scientific evidence,” says Laura Li, CEO and Founder of Breakthrough Genomics.

The partnership was founded on the mutual mission of assuring the medical industry has access to the most efficacious and actionable functional genomic data. The partnership is also an example of how “Women in STEM” are actively working to innovate within the rapidly growing field of precision medicine.

Dr. Kulvi Kaur, Chief Scientific Officer of EpigeneticsRx, adds “Functional genomics focuses on the interplay of the various genetic markers rather than focusing on a single mutation. The importance of using credible clinical data and having a reliable platform to analyze the data is a key component to improving patient care.”

About EpigeneticsRx 
EpigeneticsRx’s secure platform is a one-stop digital destination to all the tools needed for precise, personalized, prevention based on genetics. We have spent over 5 years creating a solution alongside world-class Physicians, Pharmacists, Geneticists, Labs, Patients and Technologists. Our Precision Healthcare platform provides access to the tools Patients and Providers need to adapt and adopt Precision Healthcare – enabling the creation of a more effective personalized health plan, improving outcomes, lowering the cost of care, and reducing the risk of adverse events. Join the EpigeneticsRx community. Visit and start living an inspired, healthy life.

About Breakthrough Genomics 
Breakthrough Genomics is a pioneer in leveraging machine learning for the analysis of genomic data for clinical purposes. The company’s software platform ENLITERTM works with whole genome, whole exome, gene panel, and SNP array data and is designed to mimic the workflow of a U.S. Board-certified medical geneticist. ENLITER’s proprietary technology ranks and prioritizes genetic variants with a high degree of sensitivity and enables clinical labs and partners to improve diagnostics yields while dramatically reducing turnaround times.


…assure all users have access to actionable genomic data designed to be used within a medical setting