Breath Control: New Company Launches Innovative Breathwork Training Programs

Professional Breathing Exercises and Psychological Techniques to Enhance Performance, Recovery and Resilience Through Non-Pharmacological Intervention (NPI).

Today, Breath Control launches their new business and innovate website ( providing professional Breath training and therapy services for the general public, professional athletes, first responders and military personnel.

Founder of Breath Control, Tyler Huston, is a leading figure and pioneer for Breathwork across Canada and internationally. Tyler is a First Responder Paramedic; Addictions Nurse with specialized training in respiratory therapy and also a competitive athlete and coach. Tyler is trained in The Oxygen Advantage Method and is British Columbia’s first and only Certified Breatheology Instructor’s out of only a handful across North America. Tyler has collaborated with Physicians, Coaches, Counsellors, Navy SEALS, Veterans, Police Officers, Olympic medalists, Firefighters, CEO’s, Parents, Grandparents and Children to develop a sophisticated yet approachable complete breathing system – Breath Control. Tyler has spent years working with clients from all walks of life including Canadian Forces, Professional Athletes, Corporate Executives and First Responders in the community and private and clinical settings including several of Canada’s premier Addiction Rehabilitation Treatment Centers.

The specific breathing exercises are comprised of evidence-based scientifically proven principles, exercises and techniques from numerous methodologies to form one unique comprehensive program.

Breath Control is based upon three main pillars: 

  • Biochemistry and composition of the blood
  • Biomechanics of ventilation and functional breathing patterns
  • Psychology and motivational techniques

Breath Control is heavily influenced by scientifically proven Western medical science and psychotherapy techniques while incorporating elements of ancient Eastern practices and philosophies. The Breath Control method is a somatic based therapy that strengthens the coordination between the respiratory system and the nervous system.

Through breathwork, a link can be created between body and mind that enables a person to control stress, increase energy, increase physical and mental performance, alleviate pain, improve health and enhance happiness.

“The breath is the horse and the mind is the rider.”


The average person will breathe 20,000-30,000 times each day and most only utilize 60%-70% of each breath. We waste up to 40% of the body’s main energy supply by inefficient, dysfunctional breathing patterns.

“How we breathe is how we feel, how we breathe is how we live. If we are not breathing fully how can we expect to feel good, feel complete and experience life to it’s fullest.”

Breathing is our #1 source of energy; arguably more important than food or water, yet the breath is often over-looked. Attention to nutrition and hydration is obviously critical to maintaining optimal health but emphasis on breathing should be the paramount priority.

Functional breathing techniques cleanse your body of unwanted waste products, the lungs are strengthened and the immune system is harmonized. Thoughts calm down which enables control over stress levels, pulse is lowered and more energy is acquired to improve resilience and allow clients to reach their full potential. Breath Control training can help clients achieve this in everyday life, while recovering from illness or injuries, at home, at work, for sport performance or in the line of duty. (

Breath Control training and programming is offered in a variety of different formats and platforms to accommodate and suit their client’s unique lifestyle including: 

  • Live Online Individual Training
  • In-Person Private Sessions
  • Workshops and Clinics
  • Retreats

Prices vary from case-to-case as every program is tailored from the ground up based on the requirements of each client. Visit the Breath Control website to view, inquire and register.

Breath Control Opening Today

Breath Control

The breath is the horse and the mind is the rider.