Britannica, Guided Inquiry Design partner to help teachers impart inquiry skills

New workshop will help educators develop student questioning across the curriculum

Britannica® Digital Learning announced today that is has partnered with Guided Inquiry Design® to offer a professional learning workshop to help educators teach and promote inquiry in the classroom and across the curriculum.

The new workshop is part of Britannica’s professional-learning offerings and is included with other on-site training sessions the company facilitates at school districts on topics such as information literacy, processing complex informational texts and analyzing primary-source documents. In these workshops, Britannica’s education-consultant team of experienced educators facilitates teacher learning opportunities with the latest instructional approaches to critical inquiry, information and nonfiction texts.

Guided Inquiry Design (GID) is embraced internationally. It is the only inquiry model based on information science research. Educators use the model to design and facilitate inquiry that exceeds the requirements found in national and state standards. Their pedagogical approach is consistent with Britannica’s, making the partnership a natural one, according to Darcy Carlson, director, education consultants, with Britannica Digital Learning.

“Today’s students have to be thoroughly competent with information and nonfiction sources in all their forms,” said Carlson. “They learn through rigorous inquiry to think critically, to ask questions, and to synthesize information from different places. Britannica is dedicated to helping educators impart these skills, and our partnership with Guided Inquiry Design will strengthen our ability to do this.”

Britannica will also offer GID’s professional learning programs, led by Dr. Leslie Maniotes, author, co-creator of GID, former teacher and specialist in curriculum and instruction, as part of its premium, customized professional learning services.

Britannica offers extensive support for its products to subscribing institutions, including a range of professional learning services such as customized webinars, face-to-face workshops, instructional coaching and ongoing support. The company’s education-consultant team of experienced educators ensures that every educator feels confident, prepared, and eager to collaborate with colleagues and motivate students.

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