Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Foundation Joins World CP Day On October 6, 2019

Organization Champions Research and Raises Global CP Awareness

Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Foundation (CPARF) is a proud World Cerebral Palsy Day* partner. On Sunday, October 6, 2019, CPARF joins 120 other organizations around the globe to shine a light on people with CP — to highlight and celebrate their accomplishments, to make it possible for them to achieve what they want to, and to give them space to use their voices.

CPARF heeds that call and focuses on funding research that helps people with CP live the lives they envision for themselves.

People like Naomi. She’s nonverbal and her smile says so much. She and her mom share many inside jokes — a deeply personal language that exists without a word.

CPARF is poised to help open up a world of potential for Naomi and approximately 3.6 million people with CP who can’t communicate verbally, so that she and her mom may be able to say everything they’ve ever wanted to each other one day — because of research CPARF supports.

CPARF is funding and collaborating with Principal Investigator Dr. Leigh Hochberg and the BrainGate Research Consortium team as they develop first-of-its-kind thought-to-speech technology — generating real-time intentional speech using a connection between a computer and a tiny computer chip implanted at the top a person’s brain. CPARF and BrainGate aim to revolutionize communication to unlock the world so that people with CP can pursue every opportunity to connect in every way they want to.

You can support the thought-to-speech initiative and other research projects by donating to STEPtember.

Learn more about Naomi and CPARF’s work.


Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Foundation is a nonprofit organization driving cutting-edge research to change the lives of 18 million people with cerebral palsy. We won’t stop until people with CP can live pain-free, until they can live the lives they envision for themselves, and until they can express what’s on their mind and be understood even when they can’t speak. We won’t stop until we can prevent CP in the first place. We won’t stop until we find a cure.

CPARF works with the best scientists and researchers in the US across many specialties and disciplines. We foster collaboration between them nationwide, as well as with the global CP scientific community. We also focus on ensuring that the breakthroughs, advances, and treatments they discover will be widely implemented so that we can help as many people with CP as possible.

To learn more about CPARF and more of our life-changing research, visit http://www.cparf.org or contact [email protected].

*The World Cerebral Palsy Initiative coordinates World Cerebral Palsy Day.

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