Chicago Skyway Customer Loyalty Program: Chicago’s Shortcut: Now, Even More Rewarding

The Chicago Skyway launches a customer loyalty program to reward I-Pass and EZ-Passholders who regularly use the Skyway. Save time, avoid traffic tie-ups and now save money. The more you use The Chicago Skyway, the more you save.

Skyway Concession Company LLC (SCC), operators of the Chicago Skyway Toll Bridge (Chicago Skyway), now offers a customer loyalty program to reward motorists who regularly choose to take the Skyway, Chicago’s shortcut to and from Indiana.

Two-axle vehicle customers with an EZ-Pass or I-Pass who register for the loyalty program can earn rewards like birthday bonuses and discounted tolls. Registration is free at and there is no commitment—cancel at any time.

Monthly Trip Reward: 
If you take the Skyway more than five times a month using your transponder, you earn discount rewards on future Skyway trips paid with your EZ-Pass or I-Pass. The more you use the Chicago Skyway, the more you benefit. Customers must be enrolled in the Loyalty program to participate.

Birthday Reward: 
Enjoy a birthday bonus the month of your birthday and receive 50% off one roundtrip! Join the Chicago Skyway Loyalty Program at least one month before your birthday, make sure you enter the day and month of your birthday in your account profile and use your EZ-Pass or I-Pass on the Skyway. Instead of the full toll rate, your transponder will only be charged 50% for one eastbound and one westbound trip during your birthday month—additional trips will be charged regular rates.

Registration is fast and easy. Go to and click on the banner to join today and start earning rewards while you save time, miles and traffic headaches by traveling Chicago’s Shortcut—The Chicago Skyway. For questions or more details, call (312) 552 7101 or email to [email protected] .

About the Chicago Skyway: Built by the City of Chicago in 1958, the Chicago Skyway Toll Bridge is a 7.8-mile-long toll road that connects the Indiana Toll Road to the Dan Ryan Expressway on Chicago’s South Side. The main feature of the Skyway is a 1⁄2-mile-long steel truss bridge, known as the “High Bridge.” The bridge itself spans the Calumet River and Calumet Harbor, a major harbor for industrial ships – its main span extends 650 feet long and provides for 125 feet of vertical clearance. 
The City of Chicago maintained and operated the Chicago Skyway until January 2005 when Skyway Concession Company assumed those responsibilities pursuant to a 99-year lease. The lease agreement between Skyway and the City of Chicago was the first privatization of an existing toll road in the United States.

Chicago Skyway Customer Loyalty Program Rewards


“The Chicago Skyway has always been a great shortcut between Chicago and Indiana. We started this program to reward our loyal customers, saving time and money when they ride our roadway,” said SCC CEO Fernando Redondo