Complaint Against MWSS

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The show cause order of the MWSS Regulatory Office is delayed reaction. They waited for the number of complaints to soar to over 400. It took MWSS-RO two months since MECQ was lifted end of last May to take formal action. They are excruciatingly slow and incompetent as usual.

But that’s not all. Take a closer look at the MWSS Statement of July 29, 2020. Zoom in on the two "agreed directives".

The "agreed directives" lack metrics or measures against which the "observed violations" of the water concessionaires can and should be measured.

This lack of specificity in standards and measures is the wiggle room or loopholes the concessionaires could well exploit to explain away the "observed violations" to escape accountability and responsibility.

For example, there should be quantifications on the intensity, scale, and frequency of "significant deviation"

There should be metrics or parameters on "timely manner" of action and "communicating effectively" because with how the "agreed directives" are worded" hotshot lawyers and specialists could easily find ways to enable the water concessionaires "to get away with murder".


These "agreed directives" should have specific and quantifiable terms of reference.

I also appeal to the LWUA and the water districts to learn from the failures of MWSS-RO at enforcing consumer protections.

MWSS, water districts and LWUA must enforce laws and consumer protections SMARTly–with specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound standards and action.

For example, the complaints of consumers in Cavite against the services of Prime Water also deserve prompt and effective action

I have been consistent in fighting for this for our consumers: Dapat nga may sapat na grace period sa pagbabayad ng utility bills at dapat may installment option. There should be no need to request for these. Dapat automatic. Ngunit hanggang ngayon hindi pa rin ina-adapt ng MWSS ang patakarang grace period at installment.

The MWSS-RO has ordered the water concessionaires to give their customers until September this year to settle their water bills from the ECQ and MECQ periods. (END)