Corruption in SAP Social Amelioration Program


Lapu-Lapu City Mayor Junard “Ahong” Chan is not fully convinced with the reason given by social welfare officer Ma. Eleonor Feliciano on why her family members, all residents of Barangay Basak, are listed as Social Amelioration Program (SAP) beneficiaries.

Lapu-Lapu City Administrator Danilo Almendras requested Acting City Attorney James Allan Sayson to investigate Feliciano for misconduct and/or violation of the Republic Act No. 3019, Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act (Sec. 3e).

Feliciano’s mother, two sisters, brother, sister-in-law, including her son’s girlfriend are all listed as SAP beneficiaries and are entitled to receive P6,000 each.

Almendras further requested Sayson to submit the result of his investigation to the mayor with the city attorney’s recommendation.

Feliciano, when called to explain last Friday, told Mayor Chan that it was social welfare volunteers who gave his family members the SAP forms when the volunteers visited their respective homes.

“Pero ikaw may social welfare in-charge sa Barangay Basak, it’s your duty and responsibility to check the records,” the mayor told Feliciano.

He asked further why her family members receive, fill-up and submit the form given to them.


A complainant, in a letter, was wondering why Feliciano’s family members were able to fill-up forms when no DSWD personnel distributed SAP forms inside the subdivision.

The complainant also wondered why the girlfriend of Feliciano’s son was in the list of beneficiaries when no DSWD personnel visited boarding and lodging houses.

Even by her sisters’ gesture of returning the cash assistance received, the mayor was not convinced.

“Kay nabunggo naman,” he said.

Mayor reminded her that before he sends them to the field to prepare for the SAP, his marching order is, “Di nato ni ipa-molitika kay pwerte ning gamaya, di ko gusto miembro sa atong pamilya ang atong unahon, ihatag ni sa karapat dapat nga angay natong hatagan.”

Mayor stressed that Feliciano is a city hall officer and working with the City.
“Nagdaa ka sa pangan sa atong syudad, nagda ka sa pangan sa atong mayor,” he told her.

Feliciano said her mother is a senior citizen, her sister and brother are PWD’s and based on the guidelines, she was told that if these residents are qualified they must be given the SAP form to fill-up.

The mayor said he can justify her mother’s status, “Pero unsaon ko pag-depensa ang unom ka miembro sa imong pamilya nga beneficiary sa SAP.” And this includes her son’s girlfriend who works at the airport.

The mayor lamented that there are poorer households, more qualified than Feliciano’s siblings, but they did not get any SAP assistance.

“Ingnon ko nila, kaming mga walang wala, among anak amo nang gipa-totoy og tubig gisagulan og asukar, amo na lang gipa-totoy og kape kay wa’ na mi ikapalit, unsaon ko ni pag explain nila, lisod kaayo,” the mayor told her.

Mayor Chan has been receiving numerous complaints against SAP so he posted complaint hotlines in his social media accounts and city social media accounts

Last May 6, Mayor Chan called a meeting with his constituents at the City gym to hear their complaints.

In listening, the mayor learned four things: some beneficiaries received cash assistance more than once; some members of households are each getting SAP assistance; some fill-up the forms but did not get any assistance and some beneficiaries are well-off and not the poorest of the poor.

The mayor even told the crowd,“Kinsa inyong nahibaw-an sultihi ko, isuwat palihog, kinsa ning nagdoble-doble, kinsa ning maayo ang kahimtang… kay ako mismo ang mo-reklamo nila.”

Mayor in that meeting at the gym said everybody is already tired and wants to return to our former condition.

“Ug dili kini mohunong kung dili kita magtinabangay,” said Mayor Chan. PIO