Covetrus North America Now Offers Unique In-Clinic Regenerative Medicine Devices by Enso Discoveries, LLC Including Rebound PRP™ and Rebound PRF®

Enso Discoveries, an emerging biotech company, and Covetrus, a global animal-health technology and services company, are partnering to bring Rebound PRP and Rebound PRF to the veterinary industry — revolutionary, affordable, easy-to-use regenerative medical devices for use on horses, cattle, dogs, and cats.

Enso Discoveries, LLC proudly announces that its patent-pending Rebound PRP™ and Rebound PRF® devices are now available to veterinary practices through Covetrus. Enso Discoveries has designed and university-validated a new generation of regenerative medical devices, that will provide the most affordable, easiest to use, multi-species validated, platelet-rich plasma and platelet-rich fibrin systems that have ever been available to the veterinary market.

“The partnership between Enso Discoveries and Covetrus is a very exciting and natural fit. Both companies strive to offer high quality, innovative services/products that will allow the veterinarian to keep their hard-earned revenues in their respective clinics,” said Patrick Farley, CEO of Enso Discoveries, LLC.

With the goal of improving quality of life while generating service-based revenues, Enso Discoveries has taken the lead in accessible, unique, affordable and validated veterinary regenerative medicine products with Rebound PRP and Rebound PRF. As the largest distributor in the veterinary world, Covetrus can now offer regenerative medicine that does not require veterinarians or clinics to invest in expensive upfront equipment. This removes the long-term financial risk for progressive practices interested in offering regenerative medicine to their patients.

Enso Discoveries recently shared the success of 20-plus dogs treated with Rebound PRP by Brian Davis, MS, DVM at Green Valley Animal Hospital in Wamego, Kansas. Each dog received one intra-articular injection and was then followed for up to 20 weeks post-injection. There were no serious adverse events reported and all but one patient improved significantly.

“Virtually every veterinarian we speak to has patients that are caught between the need for long term daily pain meds and the inability to have surgery for various reasons. Offering Rebound PRP is a new option for these clinics. The high degree of client-acceptance for this service, even in rural areas as demonstrated by Dr. Davis, fulfills one of our core missions: making regenerative medicine more accessible,” said Corey Orava, DVM, Chief Scientific Officer of Enso Discoveries.

Conditions generating the most interest for PRP include: 
-Arthritis and joint issues (OA) 
-Tendon, ligament, and muscle injuries 

The first of its kind in veterinary medicine, Rebound PRF has been used successfully for complicated dental conditions, as well as severe and non-healing wounds. Clinics can offer the Rebound PRF device as a wholesale solution or part of another treatment for advanced wound healing in emergency cases, trauma cases, dental surgeries, unusually difficult chronic cases and more.


Uses to consider for Rebound PRF: 
-Acute, chronic and non-healing wounds 
-Dentistry: multiple tooth extractions, feline gingivitis, carnassial extractions 
-Bone repair 
-Graft stabilization

Animal owners have already experienced the success of these products with their beloved family pets, with numerous vets reporting they were able to avoid amputation by healing wounds that were refractory to other treatments.

Both Rebound PRP and Rebound PRF were designed by veterinarians for veterinarians, were validated at Kansas State University Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory in multiple species, and are adjustable therapies to produce a customized amount of PRP or PRF that a patient might need for optimum healing.


Enso Discoveries, LLC is a biotech company focused on enhancing the lives of animals through the development of relevant, cost-effective, novel technology that allows our valued customer, the veterinarian, to keep their hard-earned business in house. We support our products and services with scientific proof, national distribution partners, and a worldwide network of industry experienced contacts. Ask your veterinarian or veterinary products distributor about Enso Discoveries, LLC products such as Rebound PRP™ and Rebound PRF® or learn more at

Rebound PRP helped Katie May with her canine hip dysplasia.

“Virtually every veterinarian we speak to has patients that are caught between the need for long term daily pain meds and the inability to have surgery for various reasons. Offering Rebound PRP is a new option for these clinics.” – Corey Orava, DVM, Chief Scientific Officer, Enso Discoveries, LLC