Creative Safety Supply’s Comprehensive GHS Guide Accommodates the July 2019 Update to GHS Purple Book

Creative Safety Supply publishes new GHS guide that incorporates recent changes and adheres to the new GHS Revision 8

Creative Safety Supply, Oregon’s premier retailer of industrial safety and Lean manufacturing products, has released an updated version of their free GHS guide to accommodate this year’s additions to the official guiding document of GHS.

GHS, the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals, is a universally accepted standard. In 2012, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) officially updated its own hazard classification system to align with GHS. All U.S. companies should currently be in compliance with GHS.

This guiding document, known as the Purple Book, is managed and reviewed by the United Nations. Once every two years, the Purple Book receives an update. The most recent edition, the 8th revised edition (known as GHS Rev 8), was published in July 2019.

In March, the Committee of Experts on the Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) approved amendments to the 7th revised edition of the UN GHS Purple Book.

Amendments include a new hazard category of chemicals under pressure, new precautionary pictograms for the precautionary statement “Keep out of Reach of Children,” and classification criteria changes for aerosols. An in-depth explanation of the changes within GHS Rev 8 may be found here.

Familiarity with the contents of the Purple Book is essential for a variety of industries. This guiding document provides framework for GHS adoption, includes guidance on labeling requirements, and defines the system for hazard classification.

Creative Safety Supply’s free GHS guide makes it easy for businesses to understand and implement regulations outlined in the Purple Book. The guide is a handy tool in particular for companies that utilize hazardous chemicals during day-to-day operations.


Incorporating a global labeling and classification standard in your facility provides a variety of benefits. Not only does it enhance communication and understanding, it protects workers from injuries and illnesses on the job. GHS compliance is also an important aspect to 5S, a systematic visual management framework that maximizes organization and safety.

Creative Safety Supply’s GHS guide, a selection from its extensive list of free safety and Lean guides, provides comprehensive guidance and is applicable to a wide variety of workplaces.

About Creative Safety Supply 
Creative Safety Supply is an Oregon-based supplier of Lean and safety manufacturing products that help businesses solve their workplace safety and productivity challenges. The company’s LabelTac® industrial label printers, SafetyTac® floor marking tape, and other visual tools make it easier for safety managers, facility managers, and business owners to simplify navigation in their workplaces. 

Creative Safety Supply’s free GHS guide makes it easy for businesses to understand and implement regulations outlined in the Purple Book.