Cyber Defense Media Group Acquired by US Defense Contractor Ingersoll Lockwood

Futurist Defense Contractor Acquires Industry Leading Cyber Defense Media Group

Today, Ingersoll Lockwood, Inc. has announced the acquisition of the Cyber Defense Media Group, which it will fold into its portfolio in the coming months.

“Nothing in how CDMG operates will change with the exception of continued growth and additional focus on American Exceptionalism while we help spin out additional platforms for the Global commercial and international sectors in the coming months,” said James Gorman, Vice Chairman of Ingersoll Lockwood.

“This is an incredible time for us and I’m especially excited to be able to help other divisions of Ingersoll Lockwood as they solve complex problems in different market sectors including cybersecurity, health care, critical infrastructure, big data, a.i. and space. This also gives me a chance to help cross pollinate activities and investments that we’re doing in Stony Lonesome Group, where we focus exclusively on investing in US Military Veteran run startups,” said Gary S. Miliefsky, Chairman & CEO of Cyber Defense Media Group and Publisher of Cyber Defense Magazine.