d-wise Offers Free Transparency Services Accelerating COVID-19 Vaccine Research

d-wise aims to encourage data sharing within the research community and academia in hopes of accelerating the fight against COVID-19.

In an effort to have an FDA approved vaccine for the COVID-19 virus, d-wise is providing its resources to de-identify research and clinical data at no charge to researchers and pharmaceutical companies developing a vaccine. Using the industry-leading de-identification product Blur, d-wise will anonymize data for these companies free of charge so they can safely share high utility clinical study reports and data that can be used in metanalysis and with other data to power medical innovation.

d-wise purpose is stated as driving innovation for human health and wellbeing. By providing this tool and transparency consulting, we are able to fulfill our mission to allow open and flexible access to data without sacrificing patient privacy. By taking away any barriers to share research within the research community and academia, d-wise hopes to accelerate the fight against COVID-19.

“We encourage all companies to share data as we endeavor as an industry to accelerate our efforts to combat this dangerous virus and save lives,” says John Leveille, CEO of d-wise. “I hope that you share in my excitement at seeing this direct line contribution that d-wise is making to global health.”

For questions and inquiries, please contact d-wise at [email protected].

About d-wise: 
d-wise is committed to helping pharmaceutical, biotech, contract research organizations, and medical device companies navigate technology change in pursuit of human health and wellbeing. With deep domain experience in biometrics, software engineering, statistical programming, standards, and change management, d-wise provides products that have been used to accelerate clinical trial data analysis, clinical trial report submissions, and innovative product development.