Dallas Gets Infusion Center to Treat Depression, PTSD, Chronic Pain & Addiction

Principal Spine and Pain Consultants partners with Kalypso Wellness Centers to provide Dallas residents with a new pain management treatment option for their patients

Kalyspo Wellness Centers, one of the nation’s leading providers of ketamine infusions, has partnered with Principal Spine and Pain Consultants in Dallas, TX to bring Kalypso’s patent pending ketamine treatments to their patients suffering from acute and chronic pain. This is now the 8th location across the country to offer Kalypso’s evolutionary ketamine treatments.

To date, Kalypso has successfully treated patients from more than 32 different disease states including chronic pain, migraine headaches, fibromyalgia, depression and PTSD. While the ketamine clinic industry continues to grow with more than 300 ketamine clinics across the country, and more opening each week, Kalypso is one of only a handful of companies with multiple locations across the country.

“At Principal Spine and Pain Consultants, we see patients on a daily basis in vast amounts of pain, either due to injuries or long-term diagnoses,” explains Paul Kurian, M.D., board-certified pain management physician. “We take a tailored approach to each of our patients, using both advanced and traditional treatment solutions. Having a new treatment modality like Kalypso’s patent pending ketamine infusions is truly exciting for our staff and for our patients.”

Kalypso Wellness Centers was founded by two board-certified anesthesiologists and two board-certified pain management physicians with 50 years of total experience.

While many things set Kalypso apart, the results compared to national averages are impressive. 90% of Kalypso patients see positive results, compared to national averages which are between 60-70%.

“The positive results we’ve seen from patients formerly suffering from chronic pain are encouraging,”explains Ryan Bridges, Kalypso Wellness Centers Chief Operating Officer. We have now administered almost 6,000 infusions since our company’s inception in 2016 which allows us to continue to fine-tune our treatments and discover new ways that ketamine infusions can help people. ”Unlike other ketamine infusion clinics, Kalypso has the ability to use the patient’s own DNA to customize treatments and provide a completely customized approach to the patient’s symptoms.

“As the popularity of ketamine infusions continues, more and more “pop up clinics” are coming onto the scene,” Dr. Cannon Clifton, Kalypso Wellness Center’s CEO and Co-Founder cautions. “While we’re excited that ketamine infusions are becoming a more accepted method of treatment, consumers really need to do their research before choosing a clinic. As a leading provider of these infusions, we are committed to not only providing excellent care for our patients but also widespread education on this new and evolving treatment modality.” 
Kalypso now has a presence in 8 locations in three different states – Mississippi, New York and Texas.


About Kalypso Wellness Centers 
Kalypso Wellness Centers was formed in 2016 by two board certified anesthesiologists Dr. Cannon Clifton, CEO and Dr. Bryan Clifton, CMO; and two board certified pain management physicians, Dr. Mark Moran, Chief Science Officer and Dr. Scott Worrich, Chief Clinical Officer who were tired of seeing patients needlessly suffering and chronically debilitated on prescription narcotics. After countless months of research, they found a promising new solution with the use of ketamine infusions that could be offered to patients. As treatments continued, they created the RESET Ketamine Therapy™, which includes five distinct proprietary ketamine formulations: KalyCalm™, KalyCan™, KalyMax™, KalyPro™ and KalyZen™. Upon further investigation, they discovered that when tailored to each patient’s unique disease state, these infusions can provide a substantial improvement in quality of life for patients with anxiety, major depressive disorder, PTSD, bipolar disorder, fibromyalgia, neuropathic pain, inflammatory pain, chronic pain, and migraines/chronic headaches. For more information, visit http://www.kalypsowellness.com.

About Principal Spine and Pain Consultants 
Principal Spine and Pain Consultants provides advanced pain management care for people who are faced with acute or chronic pain. We utilize both non-invasive and state-of-the-art treatments when treating pain. Our doctors believe that diagnosing and effectively treating ones pain early is the key to preventing long term loss of function. It is their intent to motivate each patient to attain a higher level of function, and empower them to lead a higher quality of life. Our doctors are board-certified in pain management and have the experience and expertise to find the source of the pain in order to minimize or remove the pain.

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We take a tailored approach to each of our patients, using both advanced and traditional treatment solutions. Having a new treatment modality like Kalypso’s patented ketamine infusions is truly exciting for our staff and for our patients