Dana Solutions part of HESI U01 award from the FDA to study cardiac failure modes

Subaward to Dana Solutions will support the application of Artificial Intelligence for cardiac drug safety testing

Dana Solutions announced today that it will receive a subaward from the Health and Environmental Sciences Institute (HESI) as part of a multi-year U01 grant from the FDA. The grant, titled “Evaluation of Integrated Human-Relevant Approaches to Identify Drug Induced Cardiovascular Liabilities,” will support the funding and management of novel, in vitro experimental studies to develop targeted mechanistic data to inform drug safety assessment for key cardiac failure modes.

Under the U01 subaward, Dana Solutions, in partnership with HESI and US FDA, will use state-of-the-art analytical tools for cardiac drug safety testing. Specifically, they will apply and validate their image-based artificial intelligence (AI) platform, PhenoTox, to quantify drug-induced structural changes in human cardiac cell culture models. In collaboration with other grant sub-awardees and FDA partners, PhenoTox will be applied to study multiple cardiac failure modes, including cardiomyocyte injury. The project is expected to begin in September 2019.

About Dana Solutions LLC: 
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