Do not grieve for Rizal martyrdom

Calamba, Laguna officials: Do not grieve for Rizal martyrdom, but celebrate triumph fought for

CALAMBA CITY, Laguna, Dec. 30 (PNA) — “Yearly on this occasion, we no longer grieve to mark Dr. Jose Rizal’s martyrdom, but rather a celebration of triumph of what the National Hero had fought for and our own contribution to perpetuate his legacies.”

This is the message of Laguna Governor Ramil L. Hernandez to Lagunenses on Friday during the province’s and Calamba City’s observance of the 120th Anniversary of the Martyrdom of National Hero Dr. Jose P. Rizal at the Rizal ancestral house and national shrine in this city.

Gov. Hernandez said “it’s been 120 years then when the entire nation mourned on the hero’s death, but more than a hundred years later we continue to thank and celebrate Rizal’s unparalleled contributions on heroism, education, our nationhood and spirit of nationalism.”

Speaking in Filipino, Hernandez said “Rizal had demonstrated how we should hold our flag high for the world to see and stand firm like Rizal who has the guts, the skills, the brilliance and the brave heart to face life’s difficulties.”

Hernandez said the celebration does not end with “Moy’s” (Dr. Jose Rizal’s other nickname) martyrdom, because for every fallen Rizal, there will always be a Rizal in us who will rise, imbued with the heart and passion and the idealism to fight for our freedom and independence.

”Let us create a magnificent history not only for us but also for the next generation who will also appreciate and nurture it for the country’s sakes,” Gov. Hernandez said.

The Laguna governor said Rizal’s martyrdom occurred more than a hundred years ago yet his heroism is timeless and we should play our roles in keeping with Rizal’s aspirations and vision alive in our public service.


Laguna second district Congressman Joaquin M. Chipeco Jr. extolled Rizal’s finest qualities of a true-blue “global hero” whose life, works and writings have reaped worldwide admiration and acclaim.

Chipeco compared Rizal whose hero’s tribute and memory have been etched in memorial markers, erected with monuments and landmarks and source of inspiration for many scholars and researchers across the globe.

“It is sad that while a great number of admirers praised Rizal, his life and works as the national hero, quite a number of Filipinos seem not really serious in studying Rizal,” Chipeco said.

Reflecting on this year’s celebratory theme “Rizal: Bayaning Global, Aydol ni Juan,” Cong. Chipeco said Rizal could speak 18 languages and four dialects and “a man advanced and ahead of his time.”

He said Rizal was a pacifist, man of peace, reformer, educator and scholar unlike many other heroes who have the nature of being revolutionaries, fighters like soldiers and generals at war, warrior and politician, but his social reform agenda were well written in his immortal novels in a subtle exposé for a revolutionary reform.

Although Rizal was a man of peace, Chipeco said he was also a reformer who was ready for any eventuality including war and even volunteered to go to Cuba to observe how the Cuban revolution was being waged.

”Rizal is not just a global hero, but a man for all seasons, a splendored genius,” Chipeco described as he pointed out the national hero’s life and works that continue to illuminate the hearts and minds of Filipinos.

Calamba City Councilor Virginia “Gigi” Alcasid who chairs the culture, arts and tourism committees said the city’s Rizal Day observance should not be sober or sad but a celebration of pride and honor to have a brilliant, skilled, creative, brave and God-centered Rizal – a Calambeño, a Filipino.

Alcasid urged the young generations to perpetuate Rizal’s legacies for love of country, those who focus on the country’s concerns and how to help Filipinos like what Rizal did literally as “every Juan’s idol.” (PNA)