Dr.Collins BioMin Toothpaste Receives FDA Approval

Innovative new toothpaste which releases calcium and phosphate ions now approved by FDA for sensitivity relief

Dr.Collins BioMin Toothpaste, the innovative controlled release toothpaste that deposits calcium and phosphate ions on the tooth surface to replace lost mineral content, has received FDA 510K approval, substantiating its claims to relieve tooth sensitivity.

Dr.Collins BioMin is based on BioMin® C, a patented bioactive glass complex developed in the laboratories of Queen Mary University of London, UK, by Professor Robert Hill and his team of materials experts. The product was initially launched in the UK in 2016, followed by Europe, the Middle East and Asia. It is now available in the United States through Dr.Collins Inc, California.

After brushing with Dr.Collins BioMin Toothpaste, the active ingredient binds to the tooth surface, where these fine particles gradually dissolve over several hours, constantly releasing calcium and phosphate ions. These work with the saliva in the mouth to deposit hydroxyapatite, a mineral very similar to natural tooth enamel, onto the tooth surfaces, forming a protective coating. The hydroxyapatite is also laid down within the microscopic dentine tubules, plugging them and preventing the fluid flow which causes dentine hypersensitivity.

This controlled release mechanism, continuing to deposit mineral on the tooth surface, means that Dr.Collins BioMin Toothpaste is more effective at relieving sensitivity than conventional dentifrices, which are rinsed away in around an hour. Studies at Queen Mary University have shown that new mineral is created in less than an hour after brushing and the process can continue for up to 12 hours.

Sensitivity expert Dr David Gillam commented: “There are many causes of dentine hypersensitivity which means that previously no single toothpaste worked for everyone. One of the advantages of BioMin is that it provides a constant supply of low levels of calcium and phosphate in the biofilm/saliva/dental interface, which allows hydroxyapatite to be deposited gradually.” Studies around the world have shown that BioMin acts not only on the surface enamel but penetrates deeper into the subsurface, restoring the lost tooth mineral below.

Dentine hypersensitivity affects about a third of the population at some time, and can range from mild irritation to severe discomfort, which can really affect quality of life. Pain response to hot and cold is the most common type of sensitivity, and most sufferers have tried many products to alleviate the problem, often with limited success.

Hygienist and dental health speaker Theresa McCarter, licensed to practice in California, Arizona, Alaska and Idaho, has been using BioMin for some time and it has changed the life of many of her most severely affected patients. She commented: “I see BioMin becoming an everyday toothpaste benefiting 80-90% of our patients. It will be a gamechanger.”


Dr Colin Suzman, a California dentist and founder of Dr.Collins, Inc, had this to say: “At Dr.Collins, we developed Restore Toothpaste® incorporating Novamin, the first bioactive glass toothpaste, to relieve sensitivity. Unfortunately, Novamin was subsequently bought by GSK and our supply of this ingredient was terminated, leaving many unhappy consumers. After several years scouring the world for an alternative, Dr.Collins came across BioMin, developed by Professor Robert Hill, a dental materials expert at Queen Mary University of London, UK.”

He went on: “We immediately recognized the positive impact this advanced technology could have for our Restore users. In my practice, it’s great now to offer my patients an effective sensitivity treatment which seals exposed dentine, unlike traditional potassium nitrate-based alternatives which do nothing more than temporarily numb the nerve endings in the tooth. Dr.Collins is delighted to introduce BioMin Toothpaste, incorporating the latest bioactive glass technology, to fill a gap in the US toothpaste market that the major sensitivity brands just weren’t considering.”

Dr.Collins BioMin toothpaste is free of fluoride, and of SLS, a foaming ingredient known to cause irritation to gum tissue in some cases. It has a fresh mint taste and leaves the mouth feeling clean and healthy.

Since its launch in 2008, the Dr.Collins® brand has been at the leading edge of oral care technology. Its innovative products – toothpastes, Perio Toothbrush® and Perio Pic® – are distributed through a variety of channels, including retail stores, online outlets and professional dental offices.

Dr.Collins BioMin Toothpaste is directly available at https://drcollins.com/drcollins-biomintoothpaste.html as well as through amazon.com at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07H944RLG

Biomin Toothpaste

Biomin Toothpaste now approved by FDA for sensitivity relief

Dr.Collins is delighted to introduce BioMin Toothpaste, incorporating the latest bioactive glass technology, to fill a gap in the US toothpaste market that the major sensitivity brands just weren’t considering.