Dr. Tye Thompson Trains with Pioneer in Implantology to Enhance Dental Implant Treatment in Midland, TX

Respected dentist, Dr. Tye Thompson, completes innovative training at The Advanced Implant Institute’s Puerto Rico MaxiCourse®. Dr. Thompson brings the education and training he received to provide advanced dental implant care in Midland, TX.

Dr. Tye Thompson of The Dental Studio of Midland recently attended The Advanced Implant Institute’s Puerto Rico MaxiCourse®. The course provided Dr. Thompson with comprehensive education that he is bringing back to Midland, TX. At The Dental Studio of Midland, Dr. Thompson, along with Drs. Jordon Green and Mallory Layman, offers comprehensive dental care and restorations, including complete dental implant care, bone grafting and tooth extractions. The goal is to help patients restore their mouths to optimum health, function and beauty again.

Dr. Thompson and fellow course attendees were trained by the prestigious Dr. Hilt Tatum, an expert and pioneer in the industry, in an intimate and hands-on course. The sessions included comprehensive training on the scope of implantology, the science behind implant dentistry, patient selection, medications, sedation, bone grafting and much more. Dr. Thompson had the opportunity to work one-on-one with Dr. Tatum, who reviewed and assisted him with a dental implant surgery. This type of mentorship is ideal to help better serve patients with safe and predictable results.

“Dr. Tatum invented the sinus lift procedure and is a pioneer in dental implantology. It is an honor to learn from a legend,” said Dr. Thompson. “I am excited to bring back what I have learned and continue to offer my patients nothing but the best dental implant care.”

At The Dental Studio of Midland, Drs. Thompson, Green and Layman offer comprehensive dentistry and dental implant surgery, including placement and restoration in their office. Patients who are missing single, multiple and even all their teeth can receive dental implant care to restore their oral and overall health. Thanks to the dentist’s expertise and modern technology, the practice offers same-day full mouth dental implants, meaning patients can have teeth extracted, implants placed and a lifelike provisional bridge attached all in just one day. This allows patients to not have to wait another day for a full set of functional and attractive teeth.

The Dental Studio of Midland can perform every step of the implant process, including extraction, bone grafting, placement and restoration. For those worried about their treatment, the practice also offers sedation dentistry to block sensations of discomfort and relieve dental anxiety. Dental implant treatment offers numerous benefits, including: 

  • Ability to bite and chew normally
  • Preservation of jawbone health
  • Enhanced self-esteem
  • Permanency with proper care
  • Natural look, feel and function

Patients interested in a dental makeover or dental implants in Midland, TX are encouraged to call The Dental Studio of Midland to schedule a consultation. The dental office can be reached by calling 432-687-0629 or visiting http://www.midlanddentalstudio.com.

About the Dentists 
The Dental Studio of Midland offers comprehensive and caring dental care to patients in Midland, TX. Committed to serving custom care that patients truly need, Drs. Tye Thompson, Jordon Green, and Mallory Layman build relationships with each patient in order to understand their unique needs and goals. Both Drs. Thompson and Green completed dental training at the prestigious University of the Pacific and continue to expand their knowledge in dentistry by attending multiple continuing education courses. Dr. Layman brings her experience from the University of Texas to the team. The Dental Studio of Midland is equipped with advanced dental technology to provide patients with the highest standard of care. Drs. Thompson, Green, and Layman all bring their unique art and “niche” to The Dental Studio of Midland. Some of the services offered are laser dentistry, Invisalign®, full mouth reconstruction, and sedation dentistry. The Dental Studio of Midland team is dedicated to providing the most efficient, least painful procedures for patients, and offer minimally invasive surgery whenever possible. To learn more about Drs. Thompson, Green, and Layman and the services offered at The Dental Studio of Midland, call 432-687-0629 or visit http://www.midlanddentalstudio.com.

Dr. Tye Thompson, Dentist in Midland, TX

Dr. Tye Thompson Completes MaxiCourse® for Predictable Dental Implant Care in Midland, TX

I am excited to bring back what I have learned and continue to offer my patients nothing but the best dental implant care.