ELVA-1 Invites Operators to Test of E-band 10 Gbps Radio for 20 km World Record Distance

ELVA-1 Company has announced free testing of 10 Gbps PPC-10G-E-HP radio link for telecom operators worldwide. This testing is dedicated to check availability and data speed of this radio at world record distance of up to 20 km.

ELVA-1 has announced availability of PPC-10G-E-HP 10Gbps 70/80 GHz radio links for free public testing on operator’s network at distance from 15 to 20 km (9 to 12 miles). Starting this testing, ELVA-1 breaks barriers of thinking that an E-band radio could operate on short distance only.

New public testing is a next challenge for PPC-10G-E-HP link consider that 15 km distance world record was already established: http://tele.elva-1.com/index.php/2018/03/21/ppc-10g-e-radio-at-15_km/. This testing is devoted to the launch of http://tele.elva-1.com, new ELVA-1’s website for telecom products.

Recently, 70/80 GHz PPC-10G-E-HP model has received an upgrade that boosted its transmitter output power at higher modulation schemes. In QAM 128 mode, the transmitter power (Tx power) is now up to +20,2 dBm. At low modulation mode BPSK/QPSK this is up to 26,5 dBm. Please refer to on-line link budget calculator (http://linkbudgetcalc.elva-1.com) to check link availability at your proposed distance and according to ITU rain zone.

Michael Vaitman, CEO of ELVA-1 OU, said, “On the market, PPC-10G-E-HP 10 Gbps radios have reputation of millimeter-wave links with longest path range and greatest stability in inclement weather. These are the major advantages of PPC-10G-E-HP 10 Gbps radio over competitors. This radio is an excellent example of ELVA-1’s engineering team competence”.

The prerequisite for testing is publicly access to test data. The operator has to give access to the link throughput and availability statistics and agree to publish a joint press release at the end of tests. The link has to be installed in a convenient accessible place, where any third-party guests from other companies or press can come to see the link in operation. The operator also has to use link in a network segment with heavy real traffic to collect statistics.

PPC-10G-E-HP is IP radio link, providing 10 Gbps full-duplex throughput at E-band. The link is intended for point-to-point applications such as 5G/4G backhaul, urban-scale backbone networks, Safe City, 4K UHD TV traffic or any 10-gigabit communication lines between objects separated by extended obstacles (inaccessible property, natural obstacles).

Among 10 Gbps model, commercial PPC-10G-E-HP radio could be available at 2+0 20 Gbps configuration and/or has built-in 10GE 4x-port switch of L2+ level on-board.


To take part in 20 km record distance testing, please send request to ELVA-1 by email: [email protected].