Enso Discoveries, LLC Sponsors Study with Tom Schwartz, DVM of St. Peters, Missouri, Cracking the Code on Canine Pain Management and Surgical Recovery with Rebound™ PRP

Harvester Animal Clinic has found a proverbial fountain of youth for painful dogs facing surgery for cranial cruciate ligament injuries by integrating platelet-rich plasma for faster healing and substantially decreased post-operative pain.

Enso Discoveries, LLC is proud to recognize Tom Schwartz, DVM, owner of Harvester Animal Clinic in St. Peters, Missouri for his recent and remarkable results when utilizing the new Enso Discoveries Rebound™ PRP kit (patent-pending) in 10 canine cranial cruciate surgeries. Observed benefits of adding Rebound PRP include decreased pain, reduced pain medications, improved range of motion and faster return to activity.

“Any pet’s injury can be scary for an owner, especially when your pet is facing surgery,” said Trey Pittman, VP of Sales for Enso Discoveries, “Veterinarians can now offer a low-cost procedure adjunct to surgery that can improve the overall outcome of your pet’s recovery.”

Dr. Schwartz, formerly Hospital Director of the Veterinary Health Center Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine, was able to achieve these astounding outcomes recently with nine canine patients (10 knees total) suffering from cranial cruciate injuries and facing surgery. All 10 procedures had similar positive results, suggesting Rebound PRP is a must-have added assurance to this type of surgery.

Results included but were not limited to: 
1. All 10 incisions healing without incident. No infection occurred in any patient. 
2. Virtually full-range of motion was established within two weeks of surgery. 
3. Nearly all patients were bearing some weight on the limb at the first recheck which occurred most commonly one week postoperatively. Several patients were using the limb regularly at their first recheck. 
4. No clients requested additional pain medications due to uncontrolled pain. 
5. No clients reported an inability to perform physical therapy because of pain.

“Patients had returned to full function much faster than was my experience with the same procedure prior to using Enso Discoveries Rebound PRP,” exclaimed Dr. Schwartz. “Pain appeared to be well controlled allowing owners to perform physical therapy on patients with minimal issues. Pets were able to return to slow walks just two weeks after the procedure, with several patients beginning to run on their own within 30 days of the procedure and requiring a leash for restraint. By simply closing the surgery with Rebound PRP, my patients experienced significantly less postoperative pain.”

Rebound PRP is a medical device that utilizes the patient’s own blood to make a growth-factor-rich, therapeutic injection. Rebound PRP can be used for acute and chronic conditions, as an adjunct to surgery, or as a stand-alone procedure. Because Rebound PRP is derived from the patient’s own healing cells, there is no risk of rejection and very often patients do not require retreatment.



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Dr. Schwartz found that full range of motion was established within two weeks of CCL surgery using Rebound PRP by Enso Discoveries

“Patients had returned to full function much faster than was my experience with the same procedure prior to using Enso Discoveries Rebound PRP,” exclaimed Dr. Schwartz.