FaceTec Announces $30,000 Liveness Detection Spoof Bounty Program

The challenge pits white hats against ZoOm® and its NIST-iBeta Certified Anti-spoofing AI

FaceTec, the leader in 3D face authentication software, announced today its first-ever public biometric spoof bounty program. ZoOm 3D Liveness Detection is the first and only biometric certified to Levels 1 & 2 in NIST-iBeta Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) testing guided by the ISO 30107-3 standard, and explained in-depth on https://liveness.com. ZoOm has proven to be the most secure Liveness Detection available for the over 10 billion smart devices and webcams in use today, and now FaceTec is putting its software through the ultimate global security test.

After over five years of intensely focused development, ZoOm has been trained to detect tens-of-millions of digital and physical spoof artifacts, including hi-res photos and videos, life-like masks, and mannequin heads. Early on, many of these artifacts could trick the system into returning a positive liveness result, but they are now easily caught by FaceTec’s proprietary AI.

Bounty programs are a tried-and-true method of improving software systems, but the process has not been widely put to use in biometrics until now.

The ZoOm spoof bounty program follows standard bounty program rules, and is open to most individuals, regardless of location. To participate in the program, please visit: https://bounty.zoomlogin.com/signin/

The FaceTec spoof bounty program’s goal is to uncover potentially unknown vulnerabilities in the Liveness AI so they can be patched to elevate ZoOm’s security even higher. There are three progressively more sophisticated spoof artifact categories, representing Levels 1, 2 & 3 in the NIST-iBeta PAD testing criteria. Each category has a corresponding bounty, which in total equal $30,000 in possible payouts. Information about the spoof categories can be found here: https://dev.zoomlogin.com/zoomsdk/#/spoof-bounty-program

“We’ve worked tirelessly to create Liveness Detection that can be trusted in real-world unsupervised scenarios. Our millions of users know ZoOm is already the best defense against digital identity fraud, but we believe it can become even stronger,” said Kevin Alan Tussy, CEO of FaceTec. “We look forward to learning what new, imaginative ideas clever testers will employ to try to spoof ZoOm. And if any are successful, we will immediately create a new patch to stop the bypass. It’s a win-win situation for us, the bounty program participants, and, most importantly, our users.”

More About ZoOm


ZoOm’s advanced AI technology accurately matches 3D FaceMaps while concurrently verifying three-dimensionality and detecting dozens of human liveness traits with a fast, friendly and intuitive user interface. Cross-platform and cross-device compatible, ZoOm works on all modern smart devices and PCs with webcams, and is the only viable universal biometric replacement for passwords.

ZoOm features include: 

  • NIST-NVLAP iBeta-Certified Levels 1&2 Anti-Spoofing Liveness Detection
  • Patented UI generates data-rich 3D FaceMap from standard 2D cameras
  • World-leading 1-in-4.2 million FAR at less than 1% FRR
  • Unshareable, unphishable 3D FaceMap ensures trusted, unsupervised – KYC-onboarding and ongoing logins across devices and platforms
  • 100% software, runs on all modern smartphones, tablets, and PCs with webcams
  • Integrated 3D face-to-photo ID matching UI
  • Integrated anonymous age estimation
  • Familiar, fast, intuitive interface enables 98-99% first-time-user success and daily use
  • Simple to integrate, localize-customize, deploy and manage

Developers can download the ZoOm demo app directly from ZoOmLogin.com for iOS, Android and any webcam-enabled browser, and the ZoOm developer SDKs are available free at https://dev.zoomlogin.com/zoomsdk/#/downloads.

About FaceTec

FaceTec’s patented, class-leading 3D face authentication software, ZoOm®, anchors digital identities, establishing the chain of trust for mobile and web applications requiring Certified Liveness Detection. Leveraging decades of experience in computer vision, artificial intelligence and advanced biometrics, ZoOm is fast becoming the global standard in onboarding, KYC, and ongoing authentication. Founded in 2013 with offices in San Diego, CA and Summerlin, NV, ZoOm provides strong biometric security for millions of users on six continents for many of the world’s leading organizations in IAM-IDV, financial services, mobile payments, border security, connected transportation, blockchain-crypto currency, e-voting, and more.

For more information and business inquiries, please visit https://www.zoomlogin.com. For media inquiries, please contact John Wojewidka at [email protected].

About Liveness.com

Created as an educational resource for biometrics users, vendors, analysts, media and regulators, https://liveness.com provides a comprehensive history of Presentation Attack Detection, as well as explanations of methods and means for evaluation, certification and testing.

We’ve worked tirelessly to create Liveness Detection that can be trusted in real-world unsupervised scenarios. Our millions of users know ZoOm is already the best defense against digital identity fraud, but we believe it can become even stronger.