Famed Assassin’s Travel Creates Anxiety in Moscow, In “Margaret in Moscow” – New Book 16 in the Margaret of Greenwich(R) series by R. L. Rhyse

New Book: Famed Assassin’s Travel Creates Anxiety in Moscow

“It is four years since I last picked up my pen, as diarists say, and my twins’ fourth birthday approached. ‘You’re too old to carry,’ I said, and picked them up. A mother’s behavior isn’t always rational.”

Thus begins “Margaret in Moscow,” Book Sixteen in the Margaret of Greenwich(R) Young Adult series by R. L. Rhyse and published by Wyston Books, Inc. These novels narrate the lives of a poor teenager and her wealthy friends in the richest town in America.

In this thriller: Margaret, now an unmarried mother of twins, is asked to revive her friendship with Page, a famed assassin whose travel has aroused anxiety in Moscow. “Wolves are scheming under the carpet and we must learn their plan,” Margaret is told.

But Margaret has allies too: Vladimir, a former general of Russia’s Presidential Security Service, who considers her a daughter; Borya, a powerful intelligence official nicknamed Lucifer (The Devil), her cherished uncle; Gerald, a retired American general searching Moscow for his long past sweetheart; and her boyfriend, Randy, the father of her children and love of her life.

R. L. Rhyse, a former resident of Greenwich, Connecticut, is the author of the books in the Margaret of Greenwich(R) Young Adult series. These include Margaret of Greenwich, Margaret and Erika, Margaret at War, Margaret in Tokyo, Margaret and Eve, Margaret and Velda, Margaret and Emily, Margaret and Hillary, Margaret in London, Margaret at Barnard, Margaret at Barnard/Part Two: Deliverance, Margaret in Berlin, Margaret in Manhattan, Margaret and Venla, and Margaret: Mother of Twins.

Available in print and for the Kindle, Nook, and iPad. 
Pages: 373 
E-Book $4.99 – eISBN 978-0-9991057-5-7 
Print $14.99 – ISBN 978-0-9991057-4-0 
Chapters can be read at amazon.com, B&N.com, or the iBook store.

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