Filipinos urged to reflect on sacrifices of Rizal

Filipinos urged to reflect on sacrifices of Rizal

MANILA, Dec. 30 (PNA) — Filipinos were urged by Senators on Friday to reflect on the sacrifices of national hero Jose Rizal and emulate their efforts to fight oppression, especially in a society that turn a blind eye to the inconvenient truth.

“Si Gat Rizal ay pinaslang nang dahil sa pagmamahal sa Inang Bayan at sa hangaring imulat ang mga Pilipino sa pagmamalabis ng nasa kapangyarihan. Inaanyayahan ko kayong magnilay sa aral na iniwan ng ating Pambansang Bayani,” Sen. Leila de Lima said in a statement on Rizal’s death anniversary.

(“Gat Rizal was killed because of his love for his motherland and his desire to educate Filipinos on the abuse of power…I encourage you to reflect on the lessons left by our national hero.”)

“Tayong tumatamasa ng kalayaang diniligan ng dugo at ibinunga ng sakripisyo ng mga bayaning Pilipino, ay may tungkuling pangalagaan ang Inang Bayan, upang hindi na muli pang pagharian ng mga ganid at lasing sa kapangyarihan,” she added.

(“We who enjoy the freedom bathed from the blood and sacrifices of our Filipino heroes, have the duty to protect our motherland, so that the rise in power of the greedy would no longer return.”)

Sen. Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan, meanwhile, directed his call to millennials to make an impact, noting that Rizal was also a millennial when he wrote his novel, Noli Me Tangere.

“Wala pang 25 ang edad ni Ka Pepe nang isulat niya ang Noli Me Tangere, ang nobelang naglantad sa mapaniil at katawa-tawang kalagayan ng mga Pilipino noong ika-19 na siglo. Parang millennial din siya noong panahon niya. Millennial na may pakialam,” Pangilinan said.


(“Ka Pepe was not even 25-years-old when he wrote Noli Me Tangere, the novel that exposed the oppressed and sorry state of Filipinos in the 19th century. He also seemed like a millennial during his time. A millennial who cared about the country.”)

Pangilinan said that one would not need to sacrifice his life to be considered as a hero like Rizal, but merely exhibit patriotism in everyday life my being “multi-taskers” like Rizal.

He said that our very own family members and relatives could be considered as heroes in their own way of striving to provide a better life for their families.

Sen. Loren Legarda, for her part, meanwhile, cited Rizal’s resilient spirit as a trait all Filipinos have, which enables them to weather challenges, even the worst economic and social conditions.

“Even after experiencing the worst disasters, Filipinos find reason to smile and laugh, help others even if they are victims too, and immediately go about their business and it is something to be proud of,” Legarda said.

“Rizal was the epitome of strength and resiliency and overcame the monumental challenges he faced as we know from our nation’s history. He drew strength from his family, his faith and his beloved nation. I hope Filipinos would follow his example,” she added.

She also renewed her call for Filipinos to respect and preserve the nation’s heritage, stressing that Rizal loved his native tongue even while he was fluent in several foreign languages. (PNA)