From Vaping To Oral: How To Use CBD Oil To Fight Off Anxiety

People from all walks of life who suffer from life-affecting anxiety disorders are taking advantage of CBD oil as a healthy alternative to prescription medication. Market leader, Vīb, provides a selection of quality CBD products for a convenient and virtually instant effect for use in any kind of stressful situation.

Anxiety disorders of any kind can be life-changing. Symptoms, including panic attacks, nightmares, flashbacks, and avoidance of social situations, are all too sadly the norm for those who suffer. Up until recently, the only antidotes to help curb these were cognitive therapy or prescription medications, such as benzodiazepines. However, much as these might prove effective in some cases, they come with a multitude of side effects and a high chance of addiction and overdose.

The legalization of CBD oil (with less than 0.3% THC) in all 50 states has opened a lifeline for sufferers. While using CBD oil for anxiety is still the subject of much research, early studies are proving extremely positive. Results published in Medical News Today detailing initial small scale studies appear to support evidence, not only in treating the symptoms of a variety of anxiety disorders but actually in the way that the brain processes stressful feelings. In addition, the anecdotal evidence from those who use CBD is almost overwhelmingly positive. CBD is also being studied meticulously for other health-related issues, such as chronic pain management and depression.

CBD Options

There are different ways in which the body can absorb CBD. However, by far the most effective manners in which to use it is either sublingually or by vaping. Both of these methods deliver the active component of the oil directly into the system. Gummies containing CBD oil are also popular, however for those using the oil specifically to target anxiety the need for a virtually instant effect is key. In such scenarios, vaping is the winner, followed closely by dropping CBD oil from a tincture directly under the tongue (sublingual consumption).

When Anxiety Creeps Up Unexpectedly

Suffering from any kind of anxiety disorder means that symptoms can and do occur out of the blue. Triggers can’t always be predicted and when stressful scenarios are added into the mix, such as a major event, speaking in public, a confrontation, or the like, the ability to quickly ward off the worst manifestations is essential. Vaping delivers CBD directly to the bloodstream via the lungs, meaning effects are felt within seconds, increasing to full potency within around 15 minutes. Dropping CBD oil from a tincture under the tongue will have an effect within a minute or two and take no longer than 30 minutes to reach full effect. Such convenience means that carrying a CBD vape pen or a small bottle of oil at all times is a powerful tool for those who are battling anxiety.

Quality CBD Oil Is Key


To ensure that the effects of CBD oil are as intended, it’s essential to only purchase from a reliable source. In an industry that is, as of yet, somewhat unregulated, it can be a challenge for people to ensure their CBD purchases are of the best quality and a strictly uniform standard. Vīb, provider of all things CBD, is the market leader in the provision of a trusted brand that only markets guaranteed high-quality products.

All of Vīb’s CBD oils are laboratory tested and certified to ensure all batches maintain the same strict criteria. These certifications are provided by ACS Laboratory and ensure uniformity with every purchase.

In addition to the provision of CBD vape oil and tinctures, Vīb also guarantees all its products are free from the psychoactive component, THC. Not only does this mean zero chances of any feelings of euphoria, but for those who need to ask the question, “Does CBD show up in a drug test?”, such as athletes or federal employees, they can rest assured that the use of Vīb’s oils is completely safe.

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There are different ways in which the body can absorb CBD. However, by far the most effective manners in which to use it is either sublingually or by vaping.