Future of Psychedelics Global Virtual Conference Brings Together the Leaders in Psychedelics to Lay Out the Next 25 Years

Psychedelics leading researchers, clinicians, executives and sports stars come together to discuss the future of psychedelics in an interactive virtual conference.

The leading psychedelic medicine companies and an International Law firm present the Future of Psychedelics Summit 2020 — the premiere psychedelics virtual event — taking place on Saturday, May 2nd. The renowned psychedelic experts will join the virtual conference to shape the future of the industry for the next 25 years.

The Future of Psychedelics Summit features leading researchers, clinicians, executives, and influencers come together to discuss the future of psychedelics in an interactive virtual conference.

The conference gathers leading experts like: 

  • Dr. George Greer; Medical Director, Heffter Research Institute,
  • Dr. Matthew Johnson; Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Johns Hopkins,
  • Dr. Gideon Shapiro; ex-Novartis; Scientist at Bright Minds Biosciences,
  • Morgan McDonald; Psychedelics Lawer, DLA Piper,
  • Paul Bissonette; Retired NHL Player & Announcer, influencer,
  • Andrea Turnipseed, LCSW-S; Exec. Director, Roots Behavioral Health.

Panel discussions and keynotes will cover psychedelic regulation, science, issues facing psychedelic medicine, drug development, chemistry, the role of practitioners and clinicians, the role of psychedelics in professional sports.

“The mental health repercussions from COVID-19 will be felt far and wide, psychedelics offer a solution,” said Ian McDonald, CEO, Bright Minds Biosciences. “This is a must-attend event for those in the industry or interested in this industry anywhere in the world. As scientific advancement gains steam, it is imperative to understand the impact these drugs can have on mental health,” remarked Jeremy Princin, CEO, Shroom Street.

The event takes place Saturday, May 2nd at 11:00 EDT. Registration is available at http://www.futureofpsychedelics.com.

Media kit is available at http://futureofpsychedelics.com.


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About Bright Minds Biosciences: 

Founded in 2017, Bright Minds is creating the next generation of psychedelic drugs to treat mental health disorders. The company’s team of scientists are veterans of drug development with decades of experience at institutions such as Novartis, Yale and the Mayo Clinic. Bright Minds subsidiary company PsilocybinLabs is developing the world’s first natural psilocybin product to be available through prescription.