Gateway Genomics Attending American College of Osteopathic Obstetricians & Gynecologists (ACOOG) 2019 Fall Conference to Present SneakPeek Clinical Early Gender DNA Test

Non-invasive prenatal test SneakPeek Clinical determines fetal sex at 8 weeks gestational age, weeks to months earlier than any other method.

Gateway Genomics, a leading developer of direct-to-consumer genetic tests that give families insight into their future children, will attend the fall 2019 session of ACOOGfrom October 3-6 in Columbus, OH to share the benefits SneakPeek Clinical can bring to the patients of obstetricians and gynecologists.

“Most non-invasive prenatal tests screen for fetal chromosomal abnormalities such as Down syndrome and trisomy 18, which require waiting until 10 to 12 weeks gestational age to be accurate,” says Gateway Genomics CEO, Chris Jacob. “While SneakPeek Clinical also uses cell-free fetal DNA from a maternal blood sample, it only looks for the presence of male chromosomes, which requires a much smaller fetal fraction for accuracy, enabling correct gender results weeks earlier than the typical NIPT.”

Annually, 83% of women who give birth are millennials, and 68% of this group are interested in knowing their baby’s gender prior to birth. For those who do not qualify for insurance-covered NIPTs ordered through a physician, SneakPeek Clinical is an affordable self-pay solution that returns fetal sex at 8 weeks into pregnancy.

The test is currently offered in over 370 participating OB-GYN offices and other clinical locations. Pricing for the test begins at just $129 which patients pay out-of-pocket, with no extra billing surprises for the patient or practice. A simple blood draw is performed at the clinic using a SneakPeek Clinical kit, and the sample is mailed back to SneakPeek Labs in an included, pre-addressed, prepaid overnight envelope. The results, specifically limited to fetal sex, are emailed directly to the address provided by the patient, which means no additional work for office staff or need for genetic counseling.

“OB-GYNs have indicated that SneakPeek Clinical is a great option for their practice,” continues Mr. Jacob. “They’re able to provide their patients with gender results as early as 8 weeks into pregnancy, preserving the option for additional NIPTs to detect chromosomal abnormalities for later-stage pregnancy when they are more accurate. We’ve found 60% of our customers continue with additional genetic screening tests later in pregnancy, indicating that the SneakPeek DNA test opens the door for patients to be more comfortable with using genetic tests to learn about their future children earlier.”

ACOOG is a premier organization that brings women’s healthcare physicians and providers together for education, fellowship, and support. Visit the Gateway Genomics booth (#16) at the fall conference from October 3 through 6 to learn more about becoming an authorized provider of the SneakPeek Clinical Early Gender Test.

About Gateway Genomics


Gateway Genomics is a personal genomics company with the mission to develop leading-edge genetic tests that give families a new level of understanding about their future children. Since inception, more than 140,000 SneakPeek Early Gender DNA tests have been provided to help new parents bond with their babies, make plans, and connect with friends and family around them. Gateway Genomics is located in La Jolla, CA.

SneakPeek Clinical Early Gender DNA Test

SneakPeek Clinical only looks for the presence of male chromosomes, which requires a much smaller fetal fraction for accuracy, enabling correct gender results weeks earlier than the typical NIPT.