GENSPEED Biotech and axiVEND Announce a Collaboration Agreement

axiVEND, a newly established value-added solution provider, announced that it has entered into an agreement with GENSPEED BioTech to collaborate on the production of novel multiplex tests based using the GENSPEED platform, for the food and environmental testing industries.

The GENSPEED platform is a compact, fast and simple system to enable multiplex testing at the point of care. It is fully developed with over 100 units deployed in the field for multiple applications. “Beyond the creation of new tests, with applications into new fields of use, our collaboration with axiVEND will give us a foothold in the USA to better support other nascent test development opportunities,” said Max Sonnleitner, GENSPEED Biotech CEO. “We are excited about our collaboration with axiVEND and the expanded reach this will provide us.”

“The platform itself is very promising, leveraging simple microfluidic consumables and associated ease of use,” said Claude Dufresne, axiVEND CEO. “This platform gives us the fastest and best probability of success to bring novel multiplex test ideas to the market. We will market the new tests under the brand axiTESTtm and use the GENSPEED platform as an OEM system, branded with axiTESTtm colors. This is an exciting phase for both companies.”

About GENSPEED Biotech 
GENSPEED Biotech was founded in 2016 as a spin-off company of Greiner Bio-One. We develop, produce and distribute IVD-certified rapid testing solutions based on the patented GENSPEED® technology.. Currently, nine highly qualified employees are devoted to the development, production and sales of in-vitro diagnostics for the rapid identification of various pathogens. With its novel combination of microfluidics, miniaturized opto-electronics and automation GENSPEED® enables the simultaneous detection of multiple analytes at the point of care within a few minutes. GENSPEED® may be used for nucleic acid-based genetic testing as well as for protein analyses. Thus, the platform facilitates the rapid identification of defined bacteria or viruses as well as the quantitation of certain biomarkers in blood or other biological material. For additional information please visit

About axiVEND 
While newly founded in 2019, axiVEND is built on the concept of truth in vending. From the Greek “axios” for truthfulness, axiVEND promises to provide the very best solutions, with proven field performance, to the worlds of diagnostics and multiplex assays. Leveraging an expanded network throughout North and South America, axiVEND will soon be positively impacting life science industries in general. The early axiVEND portfolio encompasses best-in-class M2 Automation ultra-low volume high-precision liquid deposition technologies, the latest offerings in colorimetric and fluorescence multiplex array readers, unique high-performance surface coatings for superior protein functional activity, and the next generation label-free multiplex reader. For additional information please visit the axiVEND website at, and follow us on LinkedIn



This platform gives us the fastest and best probability of success to bring novel multiplex test ideas to the market. See it next week at AACC booth 1496.