Geothermal Energy’s Professional and Trade Association, the Geothermal Resources Council, Enacts Transformational Changes by Partnering with Association Headquarters

The Geothermal Resources Council (GRC) is changing to be better positioned for growth, to ensure financial sustainability and to offer more robust programming for its members. (While coping with the impacts of Covid-19.)

To better serve our membership in a rapidly evolving energy market, the GRC, the world’s largest direct-membership geothermal professional and trade association, has begun a transition to a new operational management model that places most day-to-day operations with an association management company. GRC has chosen Association Headquarters, Inc.

This change will include GRC closing its Davis, California office and saying goodbye to several staff members. These staff members were vital to GRC and each was personally and professionally committed to the GRC mission. “On behalf of the entire geothermal industry, we truly thank the departing staff for all of their tremendous work. They are our colleagues and our friends and they will be missed. This has been an extremely difficult but necessary change,” said Dr. Andrew Sabin, President of the Board of Directors. “The need and the demand for renewable energy, including geothermal energy, is becoming apparent to all consumers and decision-makers alike. GRC needs to position itself for this growth with scalable and dynamic capabilities that help us build our program and best serve our members and our industry.”

As with the 2018 incorporation of the functions of the former Geothermal Energy Association into GRC, GRC will continue its non-profit status as a California corporation. And it will continue to operate and grow its physical and online libraries from Davis. Barring any permanent or unforeseen impacts owing to Covid-19, this transition will be complete by the end of April.

“It’s an exciting time for GRC,” said Dr. Will Pettitt, GRC’s Executive Director. “After an exhaustive search undertaken by a diverse team that included GRC directors as well as volunteers from our community, we selected Association Headquarters (AH) to help operationalize our strategic plan. AH is recognized as one of the largest and most talented of these companies in the world and provides a complete management service from administration to annual meeting management,” said Dr. Pettitt. “AH will allow us to strengthen and grow our existing program, as well as expedite engagement with industry partners inside and outside of geothermal energy.”

“As an association management company that has been partnering with associations for more than 40 years, it was immediately apparent that GRC has tremendous growth potential,” said Bob Waller, Jr., CAE, President and Chief Executive Officer of AH. “I’m confident this will be a fruitful partnership and we’re excited to take GRC and the industry to new heights, and to provide members with outstanding programs.”

About the Geothermal Resources Council:

Founded in 1972, the GRC is a California-based, non-profit, 501(c)3 corporation. It is the world’s largest direct-membership geothermal professional and industry association and has an international footprint. The GRC ‘s mission is to educate and advance our industry by supporting the development of geothermal energy resources through the communication of robust research, knowledge, and guidance. For more information, please visit


About Association Headquarters:

Association Headquarters (AH) is a best-in-class professional services firm dedicated to enabling non-profit organizations to fulfill their missions, create value, and advance their causes, industries, and professions. AH understands association trends and best practices and has professionals experienced in management, meetings, marketing, non-dues revenue growth, technology, recruiting, finances, and more. The Mt. Laurel, NJ – based company maintains AMC Institute Charter Accreditation status. The AMC Institute Accreditation program is based on an ANSI Standard. As named by the Customer Service Institute of America (CSIA), AH is a Platinum Certified Customer Service Organization. For more information, visit, connect with AH on Facebook, on and follow @association_hq on Twitter.

The GRC is dedicated to advancing geothermal development around the world through education, research, and outreach.

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