Getting closer to victory over aging: IVAO company announces a new product

IVAO has started to develop a software tool for monitoring and evaluating biomarkers of aging — “Vita-B.A.C”. According to the company, this product will be useful for everyone who wants to stay young, healthy and active as long as possible, and also wants to increase the life expectancy.

“Vita-B.A.C” will help determine real biological age, track the improvement/impairment of functional health indicators, and analyze them for the prevention and early detection of age-associated diseases. This project, according to IVAO representatives, will form a scientific and methodological basis for future interventions (impacts) that will prevent aging.

“Aging is a process that takes place exclusively individually, – said the General Director of IVAO Lada Fomenko. – People who have the same chronological age can often differ in biological age. Our product will be able to determine this age and to carry out the correct analysis and interpretation of biomarkers – indicators that reflect the state of organs and systems of the body. Therefore, it will be possible to determine the rate of aging, assess health risks and predict the development of age-related diseases.”

To strengthen the scientific component of this project, the company, BioAgeControl, which has been studying biomarkers since 2017, was united with IVAO. The effect of the merging of organizations should be the extension of the scientific base, an increase of the staff of researchers and program developers.

The scientific director of the project is Alexey Moskalev, a world-renowned gerontologist who studies the nature of aging and biological interventions. The team includes Arseny Trukhanov, president of the European Association of anti-aging medicine, and Dmitry Maznitsa, founder of the popular telehealth service Qapsula.

Thanks to the project “Vita-B.A.C” people may have a chance not only to reduce the risk of developing age-related diseases but also to approach the complete victory over aging, as well as to increase the average life expectancy.

We recall that IVAO is a platform that combines several activities in the field of biotechnology, radical life extension and the fight against aging. The owner of the IVAO company – Andrey Nikolaevich Fomenko, investor engaged in commercial real estate, the founder of the financial holding company “Empire”, the creator of the largest network of business centers “Senator” in St. Petersburg, the founder of the Fund “Eternal youth” since 1996. CEO of IVAO — Fomenko Lada Petrovna.

At the moment the company is developing several projects in the field of radical life extension: 

  • Vitaspace is the world’s first decentralized extraterritorial state, where participants are united by a common idea of the extension of youth and active life without diseases.
  • VSH25 is an experimental biological program that will help restore strength, maintain health and radically extend active life.
  • Vitacoin is a structural product that allows participation in the implementation of a range of issues, such as the establishment of a global research center for the search and development of new drugs and therapies for longevity, clinical trials of drugs and therapies for life extension, etc.
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Our product will allow to determine this age and to carry out the correct analysis and interpretation of biomarkers – indicators that reflect the state of organs and systems of the body.