Go Back to School and Have Fun Doing It with WonderWorks Destiny

Come Explore the Place where Education and Entertainment Meet!

Just in time for back to school, WonderWorks Destiny is gearing up for another year of “edu-tainment” in the Upstate area. The indoor amusement park and science center has always led with a STEM focus, but they are taking it to new levels for the 2019-2020 school year. This year’s motto is, “Play is the highest form of research,” and WonderWorks is encouraging everyone to come out and experiment.

“We really want to emphasize our education focus this year,” says Nicole Montgomery, general manager of WonderWorks. “Sure, we want families to come and have fun with us on the weekends, but we want to let educators know that WonderWorks is a great place for them, too.”

WonderWorks Destiny values New York educators by offering them free all year long. On top of that, they’re taking it a step further in October by hosting Teacher Wonder Days, a two-weekend-long event focused on showcasing the resources and programs WonderWorks has to offer teachers and their students. Registered New York teachers and a guest are invited to explore the facility for free, and they will be entered in to win door prizes and goody bags during the event.

WonderWorks also celebrates the work of homeschool teachers and students by hosting Homeschool Days. Every weekday in September and October, homeschool families are invited to enjoy WonderWorks at a reduced rate of $12 per person. To take it a step further, homeschool families and organizations that want to make a field trip out of the event can pre-book their groups for only $10 per person. The event is hosted twice a year, in both the fall and spring.

The education never stops at WonderWorks, as they unveil a new origami exhibit in their Far Out Art Gallery. This STEM-based exhibit focuses on how math correlates to the art of origami. It is believed that origami strengthens a student’s understanding of geometry, fractions and problem solving skills.

“We are constantly looking for new ways to expand our exhibits and teach our guests something new every time they visit us,” adds Montgomery. “This exhibit adds so many new elements to our facility that closely align with our core values.”

Located inside of Destiny USA, WonderWorks offers guests a chance to let their imaginations run wild with over 100 hands-on exhibits meant to educate and entertain. To learn more about ticket prices and programs, visit: https://www.wonderworksonline.com/destiny


About WonderWorks 
WonderWorks, the upside-down adventure, is a science-focused, indoor amusement park for the mind that holds something unique and interesting for visitors of all ages. There is non-stop “edu-tainment,” with over 100 hands-on and interactive exhibits that serve a STEM educational purpose to challenge the mind and spark the imagination. WonderWorks has locations in Orlando, Pigeon Forge, Myrtle Beach, Panama City Beach, Syracuse and Branson. For more information, visit WonderWorksonline.com, and follow @WonderWorksDUSA on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Located inside Destiny USA, WonderWorks offers everyone a place for education and entertainment.

“We really want to emphasize our education focus this year. We want to let educators know that WonderWorks is a great place for them, too.”