Hemp Starts Here: Colorado Hemp Connection Becomes Alterra Hemp

Colorado Hemp Connection is pleased to announce a rebranding of their innovative business that better reflects their expansion nationwide.

As Alterra, customers enjoy the same focus on their success, dedication to providing clean and vigorous plants, and genetically consistent hemp clones, seedlings, and seed that Colorado Hemp Connection delivered, but now with a much larger national focus.

What Customers Can Expect From Alterra Going Forward

Customers expect hemp clones, seedlings, and seeds that are rich in cannabinoids and possess consistent hemp genetics. By partnering with an extensive, world-class national network, Alterra streamlines the process of delivering quality hemp plants that are both uniform and vigorous. The team possesses a robust and passionate background in horticulture, tissue culture, plant breeding, and greenhouse production. When farmers choose Alterra as their trusted plant partner, they can expect high-performing hemp plants with consistent cannabinoid yield; Alterra ensures every customer receives top-producing hemp clones, seeds, and/or seedlings.

Alterra Website Launch: How “Hemp Starts Here”

Whether a customer is just getting started on their first hemp farm, or they are a seasoned professional in the industry, Alterra strives to provide the best educational information regarding the quickly growing and exciting world of hemp agriculture. From hemp genetics and hemp clones, to hemp seedlings and hemp rooting, visitors to the brand-new Alterra website (https://alterrahemp.com) will find fresh videos, informative blogs and other tools to help hemp farmers learn and succeed as they grow their hemp and CBD/CBG businesses.

Additionally, visitors to the Alterra website will also find a variety of hemp genetics including both high CBD and CBG strains. Those who would rather start from hemp seeds can choose from a wide array of high CBD hemp seed varieties as well as autoflower hemp seed.

The friendly and knowledgeable team at Alterra Hemp is always ready to help customers find the ideal hemp solutions for their farm’s needs. Contact them at (720) 432-4220 to learn more, or visit the Alterra website.

Hemp Field Grown from Alterra's Clones

Hemp Field Grown from Alterra’s Clones