HydroChem partners with Spartan Bioscience to bring the world’s first on-site, molecular Legionella test to Australia

HydroChem is the largest water treatment provider in Australia. They take pride in bringing innovative technologies to their clients in an effort to eliminate Legionnaires’ disease.

HydroChem and Spartan Bioscience are collaborating on client trials in order to bring rapid, on-site molecular Legionella testing to their markets with the intent of becoming the exclusive distributor of the technology in Australia.

“HydroChem is constantly focused on evaluating innovative testing techniques for controlling and eliminating Legionnaires’ outbreaks in Australia,” says Nick Duncan, HydroChem’s CEO. “We’re anticipating that this evaluation will prove that using the quick result Spartan test on-site will help us keep our clients and communities safe from the threat of Legionnaires’ disease.”

Legionnaires’ disease is a severe pneumonia caused by breathing water vapor contaminated with Legionella bacteria. The CDC reports show a 550% increase in Legionnaires’ cases since 2000. Public health experts have found that Legionnaires’ is common and estimate there are hundreds of thousands of Legionnaires’ disease cases each year.(1) The traditional detection method for Legionella is based on laboratory culture testing. It provides results in 10-14 days, but this turnaround time is too slow as Legionella can grow to outbreak levels in as few as 7 days(2)and the shipping effect leads to inaccuracy.

Spartan’s test uses a highly accurate Nobel-Prize winning chemistry called quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction (qPCR) to provide results on site in just 45 minutes. These rapid and accurate results enable water treaters and building managers to take rapid action. qPCR is commonly used for medical diagnostics because of its time and accuracy advantages. This trend is now entering the environmental testing industry with Spartan’s qPCR environmental testing platform.

Spartan has also received Health Canada approval for a rapid COVID-19 test that is being deployed across Canada. Rapid, in-field COVID testing has been identified as a critical component to controlling the COVID-19 pandemic.

For more information about Spartan’s technology, visit environmental.spartanbio.com.

About HydroChem 
HydroChem is the largest water treater in Australia. They deliver a range of activities for a diverse selection of industries with a clear focus on water and the risks associated with water management. HydroChem’s core values are aligned with their purpose to deliver leading, innovative water and process treatment technologies and services. As the only Australian water treatment providers with all three certifications, their clients rely on them for exacting standards, professional and customer focused approach and ability to consistently improve bottom lines while enhancing and improving upon their water treatment processes.


About Spartan Bioscience 
Spartan Bioscience is the leader in on-demand DNA testing.(3) The Spartan Cube, the world’s smallest DNA testing platform, enables unprecedented portability and convenience in applications such as infectious disease, pharmacogenetics, and food and water safety testing. Spartan created the first rapid, on-site Legionella DNA test to reduce the risk of Legionnaires’ disease outbreaks. The size of a coffee-cup, the Spartan Cube® is a portable DNA analyzer with a single-use disposable test cartridge. Spartan’s Legionella test is validated according to ISO 12869.(4)

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