In The Midst of a Pandemic, The North Carolina Textile Industry Is Banding Together

Led by advanced materials company Nufabrx, reusable copper medical masks have already begun shipping to hospitals and first responders

In the midst of crisis, the entire NC textile industry is banding together to help our healthcare industry. Nufabrx®, a proprietary biomaterial company that seamlessly embeds active ingredients including vitamins, supplements and medications into fabrics, in partnership with Bossong Medical and Manufacturing Solutions Center, has shifted production for a new line of reusable copper medical masks called TheraMasks. These masks are powered by CuTEC copper, a material that is known to be naturally antibacterial.

Founder and CEO Jordan Schindler decided to quickly retool a textile product to create a reusable face mask. “Tired of feeling helpless on the sidelines, we wanted to do something that would make a difference. With our Nufabrx® technology, Bossong Medical and Manufacturing Solutions Center, everyone has linked arms and committed to help in this crisis. TheraMasks is the first-of-its-kind, reusable, CuTEC copper powered mask that lasts up to 30 washes. Already overwhelmed by inquiries, we will be prioritizing distribution to healthcare workers and first responders,” states Schindler. The products are not only beneficial to medical facilities but also to nursing homes, home care attendants, senior communities and more. They are currently being used by hospitals, NY police and fire departments, Catawba County EMS, police, fire and county officials. We are sending them out overnight delivery as quickly as we can make them.

Copper has been shown to be a natural deterrent on bacterial growth. These medical masks are designed to help reduce the spread of germs through the natural benefits of copper; the fabric also creates a healthier environment for the wearer by reducing facial contamination. The products are durable enough to be machine washed and dried, or by hand with hot water. TheraMasks are environmentally friendly, and are not intended to be thrown away daily like disposable masks. Products have been tested for antibacterial (AATCC 100) and air permeability, and all data is available online. Additional testing is underway and all data will be shared with the public as soon as it is available. Products can be purchased online at or in bulk by emailing [email protected] (while supplies last).

Achieving overall health and wellness is simplified by using any Nufabrx® product, as a result of replacing the hassle and cost of using medications, patches or creams. The materials are specifically designed for comfort and breathability, providing a close fit and ease-of-wear, while simultaneously delivering a controlled dose of medicine to the problem area. Developed in tandem with Department of Defense and MIT grant funding, this patented technology allows ingredients like capsaicin, a natural pain reducing ingredient, to be delivered directly through fabric. This technology is rolling out to Walmart nationwide in early April.

About Nufabrx® and TheraMasks 
Founded in 2011, Nufabrx® was created by Founder Jordan Schindler after discovering his pillowcase was contributing to his acne. Teaming up with MIT scientists, Jordan spent seven years developing proprietary technology to embed active ingredients into clothing to make medicinal application easier and more efficient. As a way to help our healthcare workers, reusable copper medical masks were a natural transition; TheraMasks was founded as a division of nufabrx. For more information visit and

About Bossong Medical 
Bossong Medical is committed to being a world class designer and manufacturer of innovative medical textile products made in the USA for the global market. Bossong Medical was founded to design, manufacture and distribute innovative medical textile products. Bossong Medical’s competitive advantage is providing compression therapy products that are of world class quality utilizing the guidelines of ISO 13485 certification and FDA registration for Class I and Class II medical devices.

About the Manufacturing Solutions Center


The Manufacturing Solutions Center was established 27 years ago to transition hosiery workers from mechanical to electronic machines. Today, companies are hiring computer designers, software engineers, and people trained to program and operate the increasingly complex knitting machines. The Manufacturing Solutions Center specializes in applied research and development, prototyping, testing, domestic sourcing, and training for 21st-century textile jobs.

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